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Want to Work With Dogs? Careers You Should Consider

Working with dogs can be a challenging and rewarding experience for anyone.

Depending on your interests, there are various jobs you can have that involve working with dogs.

If you are someone who loves being around dogs, then here are some careers to consider.

Want to Work With Dogs? Careers You Should Consider

Dog Trainer

Some people enjoy working as dog trainers.

These professionals teach people how to train their dogs to understand both basic commands and more advanced tricks.

While this career doesn’t involve working on dogs’ day-to-day care, it provides a unique opportunity to share your knowledge with others.

It’s a great option if you enjoy working with people as well.

Dog Caretaker

If you want to work with dogs, but are not interested in being a trainer or working on the floor with owners, then being a dog caretaker is ideal.

Dog caretakers spend their days taking care of the dogs.

They feed them, play with them, and walk them.

This is the perfect opportunity to work with dogs while still earning a steady paycheck.

Woman sitting on a park bench with 3 dogs

Dog Daycare Staff

Dog daycare staff members are some of the most in-demand positions requiring those who want to work with dogs.

These jobs involve taking care of dogs, providing them with food and water, playing with them, giving them medication when necessary, and more.

You can even work as a receptionist at a dog daycare center if you want to interact with dogs without being their caretaker.

Dog Handler

A dog handler has a wide range of responsibilities.

They are in charge of raising and training dogs and caring for them.

This includes feeding, walking, bathing, and grooming the dogs.

A dog handler is usually an assistant to a professional trainer, who oversees their work and provides input on how to proceed with the animal.

White dog getting hair cut by groomer

Dog Groomer

If you love grooming dogs, this is the perfect career.

You can go through a training program or start out as an assistant at a pet store or grooming facility.

After that, you can start your own grooming business from your own house.

You will want to make sure you have the right knowledge and equipment to do this, though.

For example, make sure you have grooming electric lift tables and plenty of electric trimmers. 

Beautiful German Shepherd dog

There are a lot of great careers for people who love dogs.

If you have an affinity for animals and have the patience, ability to take care of them, and the desire to make their lives better, then one of these careers might be right for you.

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