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10 Myths Concerning CBD Dog Treats that are False

This blog post will uncover the ten most well-known myths that are circulating about CBD dog treats, as well as the truth behind these claims. We will explore what it means for your pup and how you can tell if they need a higher dose or not, in addition to debunking some other popular misconceptions according to Ministry of Hemp.

We will also learn about which type of pet should be using this product, whether it is safe for them, and why we recommend taking precautionary measures when giving anything new to your furry companion.

What is CBD Dog Treat?

CBD Dog Treats are those treats that have CBD Oil in them. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they are full of CBD-rich products to help improve your dog’s health or provide them with increased relief from their pain.

10 Myths Concerning CBD Dog Treats that are False

How Do You Give Your Dog CBD?

One way is by feeding it raw hemp hearts soaked in coconut oil – this will give him around 25mg per day (though this might not be as effective on bigger breeds).

Another method is to use dog treats containing 100 mg THC-free Oil capsules infused with cannabis flowers grown specifically for pets.

Available flavors include chicken, beef flavor, peanut butter & jelly, pumpkin spice, and more.

10 Myths Concerning CBD Dog Treats Claims Which Are False

Several claims are circulating the internet regarding CBD dog treats. Here, we have found a way to separate facts from myths with detailed research. Take a look at the following points and make an informed decision:

1.    Pets can get high with CBD.

That is one of the huge misunderstandings pet owners have to confront. Most of the owners believe that giving CBD dog treats can cause pets to be in a state of euphoria or getting high.

However, the research has pointed out that CBD is non-intoxicant since it is derived from the hemp plant. The amount of THC present in the treats is less than 0.3%, making it safer for pets to consume.

THC is the one that is responsible for intoxicating effects with such a small amount; it is implausible for the pet to get very high.

2.    Causes Fatigue in Pets

One of the false assumptions is that CBD can make your pet tired. In reality, CBD can make your pet feel relaxed without triggering fatigue.

The study showed that the CBD did not affect fatigue in dogs. It increased their activity levels.

It is a fantastic finding because some people wonder if they should take a break from taking their medication when they have to give flu shots or go into surgery–which would be counterproductive for someone who needs treatment for chronic pain relief!

The study found that while there was no significant effect of CBD on tiredness ratings and motor abilities after acute administration, “CBD may attenuate drug-induced cognitive impairment.”

It means you can keep your pet up all day long without them feeling fatigued once the effects wear off.

3.    CBD can cure every ailment

Another myth spread in the mainstream media is how CBD products can cure all kinds of ailments. The dealers even promise this. However, it is not valid according to the findings.

Therefore, you need to avoid depending on CBD dog treats to cure your pet’s every health ailment.

Some of the research-backed benefits include:

  1. Anti-inflammatory that relieves stress and anxiety
  2. Reduces convulsions
  3. Ease’s pain
  4. Improvement in overall health,
  5. Fighting cancer-related symptoms.

4. The Dosage of CBD is the same for Humans and Pets

Another consideration that you must be aware of is that improper dosing can result in drowsiness or vomiting. So, the rule of thumb is to give CBD tinctures according to the dog’s weight and keep monitoring the dog’s health.

5. Every CBD Product is Same

All CBD products are the same is another false claim; the statement is not clear because there are different products available for your pets. Make sure to buy from only the trustworthy sellers to ensure its pureness.

Yellow labrador taking cbd oil

6. Overdose from CBD

Sometimes, pets can suffer some temporary side effects, but it does not cause any intoxication. It improves health and provides plenty of medicinal benefits.

7. CBD is illegal for Pets

The legal part depends on where you live. CBD is federally legal while available in stores without any prescriptions in some states. CBD for pets is legal, and it is up to you as a pet owner.

8. Giving your own prescribed CBD products to pets

Many pet owners think that, since CBD works for them, there is no harm in sharing with pets. The concentration for pets is entirely different, and it differs according to body weight and metabolic rate.

9. CBD Oil Administration is Bad for Pets

Although much has been said about the effectiveness and merits of CBD oil, sometimes your pet will not collaborate. That is why dog owners jump to CBD dog treats, not because CBD oil is bad.

CBD oil administration is much more precise in doses. On the other hand, dog treats can establish a bond with your pet.

10. Side Effects From CBD

That is another absurd myth. The studies have concluded that there are no significant side effects while administering CBD to dogs. During the therapy, the canines seemed happy except for occasional sedation cases.


Overall, the administration of CBD for pets depends on many factors. Pet owners are encouraged to consult with an expert to see noticeable results.

You can see immediate results for less severe conditions like anxiety caused by loud noises or thunderstorms. For chronic issues, wait for two weeks to see improvement.

Make sure to purchase from a reputed brand that has undergone CBD testing. Also, the product must have COA on its label for adequate verification.

Now that you understand the myth and facts, you can choose to give CBD dog treats to pets. Just conduct more research and consult with a vet before making any decision.

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Sunday 26th of December 2021

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