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4 Essentials to Invest in if You Want to Raise Your Own Chickens

Having your own chickens can be an economical way to source eggs, and caring for them might lead to the development of other skills along the way.

If you want to raise your own birds, there are a few basic items that you should prepare before the animals arrive.

Here are just some of the essentials to add to your prep list.

4 Essentials to Invest in if You Want to Raise Your Own Chickens


Many people prefer to allow their chickens free run of the yard in order to promote a more healthy lifestyle for the birds.

This is a great option, but you still need to think about a good, enclosed space for the animals.

Outdoor chickens will need some measure of protection from predators.

Note that, you might have predators from the sky as well as the ground.

Take stock of what kinds of animals are in your area, and you can plan a protective space accordingly.

Person holding eggs gathered from her chickens

Egg Cartons

Whether your plan is to have fresh eggs for yourself each day, sell eggs locally, or both, proper poultry cartons are a must here.

You can get types that are just like the vintage paper ones that remain popular in local stores.

These cartons stack easily for transport or storage, are lightweight yet durable, and can be recycled or composted later at your leisure.

Chickens sitting outside of chicken coup


Several chickens can create piles of manure at a surprisingly fast rate.

Once this waste starts to build up, the ammonia inside it can grow as well.

When this happens, it can create a health hazard for both the birds and you or your family.

Adequate ventilation can negate these effects, and you can put air vents on the sides of whatever enclosure you decide to make.

Keep in mind that excess moisture can lead to more foul smells and mildew as well.

White chicken coming out of chicken coup


This might seem like a given, but the flooring you choose for your chickens plays a vital role in their health. It can also make cleaning the birds’ living spaces easier for you.

Dirt will suffice if that is all you have to work with, but concrete or wood are better choices.

They are relatively simple to clean, and you can lay down thick bedding that keeps the chickens warm and dry when it gets cold in your area.

Chickens on green grass

Each of these things can make the whole process of caring for chickens easier and more streamlined.

Although it isn’t listed here, adequate space is related to the enclosures listed earlier, and it is one of the number one concerns you should check before you purchase any birds.

No matter what area of the home you reserve for chickens, they will need plenty of space for nesting boxes, roosts, food or water dispensers, and places to remain dry in bad weather.

Dorothy Boucher

Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

Thank you for this information, I don't think people really think so much goes into raising a chicken but it does.and lots of work. @tisonlyme143

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