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7 Reasons Why Horse Riding is a Great Hobby for Children

Finding a sport for your child to participate in is crucial for their physical and mental health. It helps them to develop good relationships, useful skills that can be taken with them through life, and keeps them healthy. If your child loves animals and is brave enough to get on the back of a horse, then horse riding may be the perfect hobby for them.

There are some risks associated with the sport, but any sport can be dangerous if something goes wrong. The benefits of horse riding are also extremely significant. Today, we will be taking a look into 7 reasons why horse riding is a great hobby for children of all ages and abilities.

7 Reasons Why Horse Riding is a Great Hobby for Children

Aids Physical Development

Exercise is important for your child’s health and development. Getting children active can be difficult, as most of them see it as a chore.

For some children, horse riding is a fun and exciting sport that allows them to bond with an animal, meet new people, and get outside. Due to the excitement associated with the hobby, they don’t see it as a chore.

As well as getting your child physically active, horse riding can aid their physical development too, as it improves motor coordination, balance and core strength.

Little girl wearing a helmet riding a horse

Improves Cognitive Abilities

Horse riding has been proven to improve cognitive abilities in certain children. The fresh air, plus the coordination, physical skills, and multitasking can go a long way in developing your child’s mind.

In some cases, children that ride horses will have better brain-based skills. This can lead to enhanced problem-solving, learning, and memory.

Another way horse riding can improve learning is through the physical movements, as they activate the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn activates responses.

Teaches Kids Respect

Working with an animal isn’t easy. Horses are big and can be difficult to read and control sometimes. Horse riding can be a dangerous sport, especially if you don’t respect the animal.

When you ride a horse, you will be able to earn their respect by not pushing them too far and how to handle them in a gentle way. You need to be patient and calm in order to work well with an animal.

As well as respecting the horse and the outdoors, children will learn to how to respect other riders, people, and their instructor.

Little girl brushing her pony on the farm

Gets Children Outdoors

It can be hard to encourage children to get outside and enjoy the world away from a screen. Horse riding can be an extremely effective way to do so while getting your child physically active. It will give them a new focus and something to dedicate their time to.

Outside of lessons, you can help your child find horse tack and horse supplies to support their hobby. A great website to use for equestrian equipment is This #1 horse supplier offers great value products and plenty of choices, which is backed by a reliable and efficient service.

Develops Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a therapeutic and psychological benefit of horse riding. This is just as important as the physical benefits of this hobby.

As children progress their skills and gain more experience, they will become more self-confident and develop self-assurance during their progression. This can make them feel good about themselves in many ways and is a useful skill to master at a young age.

It will have a positive effect on their skills as a horse rider, and in professional settings in the future.

Little girl kissing a horse

Offers Emotional Benefits

One of the first things that a young horse rider will learn is how to conquer their fears. They will learn how important it is to act confidently, even when they feel uncertain about something. This is because if the rider is scared or nervous, the horse will sense it.

Horses are extremely sensitive animals and can read their riders very well, which can lead to them mirroring their emotions. As well as influencing the horse, this hobby is a journey of emotion, which can improve a child’s ability to deal with their feelings.

Boy riding a horse in competition

Method of Education

There are many things you can learn from horse riding, such as how to care for a horse, the equipment required, and the layout for horse competitions.

The skills that children will learn from horse riding will be able to be practiced on family activities and vacations, which will make them feel good about themselves. As well as education, kids will develop life skills through horse riding. These will be essential for growth as a young horse rider, can be applied to everyday life, and will last a lifetime.

Just like any sport, there are many pros and cons to horse riding that should be thoroughly explored by you and your child before you get them into the hobby. The riding instructor will take charge and ensure your child learns the right skills in a safe and efficient way, but highlighting the risks is advisable.

Monica McConnell

Monday 7th of December 2020

I used to love riding

Sarah L

Saturday 5th of December 2020

Such a good thing for kids to learn. My niece learned a lot from riding horses.

Debbie P

Friday 4th of December 2020

I believe that the emotional benefits alone make this great for children. But like you said there are many more.

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