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All Natural Nutrition with Wild Calling! Dog Food #TheArtofNutrition

Y’all know us pups love to eat ’round here. We like good food and treats and ain’t shy ’bout it! Lately, we’ve been tryin’ a food called Wild Calling!®. My Lady is always sayin’ we all act like wild dogs, so I guess it’s fittin’ for us. I’ve been known to chase a rabbit or two and my sister Maggie is always tryin’ to catch her a squirrel. Them critters look like they would be some mighty fine eatin’ ‘cept my Lady kinda frowns at us for it. Go figure! WOOF!

All Natural Nutrition with Wild Calling! Dog Food #TheArtofNutrition

Now, we got our own wild game food called Wild Calling!®! It sure does come in a purty bag! Matter of fact, I would love to take one of them vacations, as you humanz call em, in that place! Lately, we’ve been eatin’ on some of their Rocky Mountain Medley that has duck, salmon and lamb! Yea, boy! It’s simply WOOFALICIOUS! It gets an all paws up from me and the pack and my Lady is singing it’s praises too! Lemme get my Lady to tell ya all the particulars and why she likes it so much!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Wild Calling!® Dog Food

If you’ve followed my blog long, you know I’m a huge proponent of all natural, whole body wellness. Whether it’s food or alternatives to manufactured medications, I believe in all natural everything whenever possible. That’s why I love Wild Calling! dog food. It’s full of all the good stuff my dogs need and none of what they don’t.

All Natural Nutrition with Wild Calling! Dog Food #TheArtofNutrition - Maggie

All Natural Nutrition My Dogs Love

We originally told you about Wild Calling! a couple of months back in our post about dog food for optimum health. Since then, we’ve been feeding Wild Calling! dog food and the pack loves it. Maggie especially! It’s gone almost as soon as it hits the bowl. She wolfs it down so fast, you’d barely know there was ever anything in the bowl at all! I’m so glad for that. I love all natural foods, but sometimes, she doesn’t. Look at it this way. We humans love junk food, so why wouldn’t our dogs love junky foods full of additives to make it more yummy? Luckily, Wild Calling! is a nutritious grain free dog food that also tastes good. That means I can get all natural goodness into my dogs without a fight!

Maggie hunting

Maggie’s favorite thing to do is chase squirrels. So far, they have been quicker than she is. She never tires of chasing them. She also hunts for rabbits. So far, she hasn’t caught one of them either. I think it is more the thrill of the chase for her. However, she does appreciate a meat based diet!

All Natural Nutrition with Wild Calling! Dog Food #TheArtofNutrition - Brandi

Maggie is off on the trail of the rabbit and meanwhile, Brandi knows it’s almost supper time and is checking out the offerings. Maggie better hurry and get back! I suppose she isn’t to worried though. She knows she will still get supper.

All Natural Nutrition with Wild Calling! Dog Food #TheArtofNutrition

Maggie saw Brandi trying to dig in and gave up the hunt. It’s a lot easier to catch the wild game when it’s in the food bowl!

Why Maggie Loves It

Maggie, and all the pups, love Wild Calling! dog food because it tastes good. They don’t really know anything about protein and carb sources or about additives and how bad they are. All they know is that there’s something delicious in their bowl, and they are ALL over it.

Why I Love It

I love Wild Calling! because it gives my furbabies an all natural source of superior nutrition without additives, chemicals, preservatives or anything else that could potentially harm them in the short or long term. When I feed Wild Calling!, I know I’m giving the absolute best all natural nutrition available. That’s important to me, because I want them to have the absolute best nutrition possible. Good nutrition goes a long way in keeping them healthy and happy!

Wild Calling logo

Another reason I love Wild Calling! is because they have more than a nutritional strategy for pets. They have a passion for keeping pets healthy. There’s a reason their slogan is REAL HONEST TRUE. That’s exactly what their food is. REAL food. HONEST ingredients. TRUE all natural nutrition. It is also made in the USA! Take a look at what they offer.

  • The GlycoEdge carbohydrate formula, made of tapioca, sweet potatoes, and lentils, is designed to give dogs constant energy with a low glycemic index. They keep the energy and not the fat stores.
  • They use the highest quality hormone and antibiotic free meats, poultry, and fish.
  • High quality protein sources mean a complete, optimal amino acid profile to promote healthy muscle growth and retention and increased energy levels.
All Natural Nutrition with Wild Calling! Dog Food #TheArtofNutrition - Maggie eating

Wild Calling! is the best all natural dog food I’ve tried to date. They have all the benefits of all natural nutrition, PLUS the added bonus of actually being tasty to my dogs. I’ve tried other all natural dog foods in the past, and my dogs just turned their noses up at them. Not Wild Calling! It’s as tasty as it is nutritious. Everybody wins!

Carole D.

Tuesday 21st of February 2017

Sounds like great nutritional dog food. It so important for dogs to have good nutrition.


Friday 8th of April 2016

i always fed my dog with pedigree. this seems to be a gr8 food. definately gonna try this.


Thursday 21st of January 2016

Seems like a great company!

brenda disimone

Monday 19th of October 2015

Thanks for this review i need a healthier food for my dogs !

lana simanovicki

Tuesday 28th of April 2015

thanks for the info my dog would love this

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