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P.L.A.Y. Pet Products and Toys for Fun Adventures and Playtime!

Miss Molly’s pack includes older dogs, teenage dogs, and now a new puppy in the mix. All of them are always up for fun adventures and playtime. Meanwhile, I strive to keep them as active as possible to keep them healthy and happy. With that said, I have learned a few tricks to making it an enjoyable time for everyone by incorporating a few pawsome P.L.A.Y. pet products and toys.

Now for the question! Do you want to keep your furry friend entertained and active?

Are you looking for high-quality pet products that are both safe and provide hours of fun? If so, look no further than P.L.A.Y. pet products!

P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You - fun adventures and playtime

Pets are more than just animals. They are truly valued members of our families.

With that said, as pet parents, we want to provide them with the best possible care, including plenty of playtime and mental stimulation.

However, with so many pet products on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones.

Introducing P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You! They offer a wide range of pet products that make pet parents’ lives easier and help us take care of our loved 4-legged friends at the same time.

Pups love them because they offer fun toys which are designed to keep your pets active, healthy, and happy.

Now, let me share with you a few of our favorite products and fun dog toys and learn why you NEED them too!

We also have LOTS of cute pup pics so read on and check out all the fun they are having!

P.L.A.Y. Pet Products Make Outtings Easier and Fun for All!

Taking your furry friend out for a walk or a trip can be a fun experience, but it can also be stressful if you’re not prepared.

That’s what makes these P.L.A.Y. Pet Products an absolute necessity! P.L.A.Y. offers a variety of items that can make your outings with your pet much easier and more enjoyable.

From collapsible bowls to belt packs that hold all your needed things, P.L.A.Y. has everything you need to make sure your pet is comfortable and taken care of while you’re on the go.

And not only are their products functional, but they also come in stylish designs that will make your pet the envy of the dog park.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of our favorite P.L.A.Y. products and how they can make your next outing with your furry friend a breeze.

Man wearing P.L.A.Y. Explorer Pack holding ball for Pit Bull dog

Explorer Pack

I am simply in love with the Explorer Pack! It is one of those items that you never knew you needed until you have it! 🙂

So what is it? Well, have you ever headed out for a fun day only to find you are juggling all kinds of items in your hands all while trying to hold on to your pup’s leash? It is a struggle that makes it hard to just let go and have fun.

P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You - fun adventures and playtime

That’s where the P.L.A.Y. Explorer Pack can help! It is perfect for all dog owners on the go. It’s a dog-walking belt bag that lets you keep your hands free while you’re out and about.

P.L.A.Y. Explorer Pack poop bag holder and treat bag pocket

This purposeful belt pack has LOTS of pockets, including a water bottle holder.

P.L.A.Y. Explorer Pack removable treat pouch

It also has a removable treat pouch that you can wash. My hubby and I also use this treat bag by attaching it to our belt when we are not using the Explorer pack.

P.L.A.Y. Explorer Pack cell phone pocket

I also use the pack’s pockets to hold my cell phone, debit card, and keys if I am going to be somewhere other than at home.

It even has a metal D-ring that lets you attach a leash for hands-free dog walking.

The pack also has 3M reflective stripes that make you visible when you’re out at night. This is a great safety feature!

There’s also a poop bag holder and dispenser to make cleaning up after your pup easy peasy!

P.L.A.Y. Explorer Pack water bottle holder

It also has a handy elastic mesh pocket perfect for holding a ball to play fetch with. And, it has a built-in squeaker to grab your dog’s attention!

You will have everything you need for a fun outing right at your fingertips while you concentrate on having fun with your pooch!

Pit Bull dog getting a treat from a P.L.A.Y. Explorer Pack treat pouch

No more juggling items in your hands while trying to hold on to or play with your best friend.

Pit Bull dog getting a treat from a P.L.A.Y. Explorer Pack treat pouch

Features of the Explorer Pack in a nutshell:

  • Comes in two vibrant and fun colors – (Lava) which is a bright red, and (Waterfall) which is a royal blue.
  • It is made with 1680D Oxford fabric that is water-resistant and durable. It features a padded waistband that is breathable and stretchable and can be attached with just one clip for ultimate comfort.
  • It features multiple waterproof zippered pockets to hold your phone, money, and other small items you like to have with you.
  • It has a detachable and washable training pouch to hold treats.
  • It has an easily accessible dog poop bag dispenser with a waterproof zipper.
  • The mesh pocket expands to hold your pup’s favorite ball.
  • It also has a place for your water bottle. It will fit most water bottles up to 3.5 inches in diameter.
  • For safety, it features 3M reflective stripes to provide extra visibility on night walks.
  • The Explorer pack is easy to clean by spot cleaning with a wet cloth or simply hosing it off and then letting it dry completely.
P.L.A.Y. Landscape Series Travel Bowl

Landscape Series Travel Bowl

The travel bowl is another useful item I can’t do without.

Our pups get thirsty just like we do making the Landscape Series Travel Bowl a must-have for your furry friend when you’re on the go.

Whether out for a fun walk or even on vet trips or running errands, it is super convenient for offering a quick drink. It never fails that my pups are begging for water even on simple trips to the vet.

Pit Bull drinking from a P.L.A.Y. Landscape Series Travel Bowl

The travel bowl makes it super easy to give them a quick drink by simply popping it open and pouring in water from my water bottle.

Once they have quenched their thirst, simply fold it flat and it will hold with the power of magnets.

It features a handy carabiner clip that will clip onto your stuff effortlessly, so your pup can hydrate no matter where you are.

Pit Bull puppy drinking from a P.L.A.Y. Landscape Series Travel Bowl

Features of the travel bowl:

  • This collapsible travel bowl is perfect for on-the-go and any time your 4-legged friend needs a quick drink.
  • It holds up to 2.3 L of liquid.
  • The travel bowl is made of durable and high-performance 1200-Denier PE Oxford fabrics. It is the same fabrics commonly found in outdoor and camping products.
  • The waterproof interior is made of PEVA to make it durable, mildew resistant, and easier to clean.
  • It is easy to clean by simply spot-cleaning with a wet cloth.
  • The travel bowl is certified to be non-toxic and AZO-free dyes for safe drinking and feeding.
  • It is made in a facility that meets the strict quality standards for infant and children’s products which shows it is safe for our furbabies too!
P.L.A.Y. Deluxe Training Pouch draw string

Deluxe Training Pouch

If you ask me, this deluxe training pouch is a definite MUSH-HAVE in the list of products from P.L.A.Y! It’s the perfect accessory for active dog owners!

With 8 dogs in my home and one of them being a new puppy, I carry treats and kibble on me at all times. I usually carry them in my pocket (yup! kind of icky) but then this nifty little pouch is a game-changer.

**PUPPY TRAINING HINT!*** I carry a handful of my puppy’s kibble as training treats for him. Puppies are not choosy and love whatever little tidbit you give them. And, when puppy training, you go through a LOT of treats. By using their regular kibble there are fewer calories which helps avoid unwanted weight gain, less expensive, and you know it won’t upset their tummies like some richer treats would 🙂

No more ickiness in my pockets! This handy training pouch holds the treats and more!

This pouch is not only functional and durable, but it’s also tastefully designed.

P.L.A.Y. Deluxe Training Pouch side view of zippered pocket

Inside, there’s plenty of room to hold treats. Plus, there’s a magnetic front pocket for easy access to poop bags, a discreet back zip pocket for money and cards, and even a built-in squeaker to grab your pup’s attention.

Trust me, this pouch has it all going on!

Pit Bull puppy standing on back legs to get a treat from a P.L.A.Y. Deluxe Training Pouch

You can wear the strap of this bag in many ways – crossbody, over-the-shoulder, or even around your waist. There are also belt loops that let you attach it to your belt for easy access.

In addition, the sides have 3M reflective stripes for safe evening walks.

Both dogs and humans love this bag – it’s perfect for any adventure with your furry best friend!

Pit Bull puppy sitting to get a treat from a P.L.A.Y. Deluxe Training Pouch

Features of the Deluxe Training Pouch:

  • The deluxe training pouch features both interior and back zip pockets to provide ample space for all your adventure needs.
  • It has detachable and adjustable straps so that you can wear it in several ways including crossbody, over-the-shoulder training bag, or as a waist belt bag.
  • It has a fun hidden squeaker to capture your dog’s attention. How cool is that?!
  • For safety, it is lined with 3M reflective stripes on the sides for evening strolls.
  • It is made of non-toxic materials and AZO-free dyes for safe feeding.
  • The training pouch is made of durable and high-performance 600/800-Denier PE fabrics that are commonly found in outdoor and camping products.
  • Furniture-grade craftsmanship and even-basting stitching to ensure dog years of use.
  • To clean, simply spot clean with a wet cloth.
  • Made in a facility that meets the strict quality standards for infant and children’s products.
Tan German Shepherd licking on a ZoomieRex EverLick Mat from P.L.A.Y.

ZoomieRex EverLick Mat

The ZoomieRex EverLick Mat is a USA-made mat perfect for keeping your dogs and cats busy and entertained.

I love using the fun licking mats in a couple of ways.

They are great for big girls like my Brandi that hates getting her nails trimmed. Seriously! You would think I was trying to cut off her toes!

However, with a little peanut butter and/or cheese on this nifty lick mat, she pays no attention to what I am doing to her feet.

I also have a little Beagle that swears you are drowning him when he gets a bath. I use the licking mat to entertain him by attaching it to a suction cup on the tub. He happily licks away while I suds him down and rinse the dirt away.

The EverLick Mat also serves as a great interactive treat toy for mental stimulation! Just spread your pet’s favorite soft foods or purees on it and watch them happily lick away!

ZoomieRex EverLick Mat from P.L.A.Y

Features of the EverLick Mat:

  • This fun lick mat is made in the USA – always important for pet parents!
  • It is available in two different sizes. The small measures 6.5″x 6.5″ x 0.3″ and the large measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 0.3″.
  • The lick mat encourages natural feeding and improves oral health.
  • It keeps your pet mentally and physically stimulated while.
  • The lick mat alleviates boredom, stress, and anxiety.
  • It is dishwasher safe so simply pop it in the dishwasher to clean. I put mine on the top rack.
  • The mats are certified non-toxic and FDA Food Grade Compliant.
  • They also meet the same strict quality standards for manufacturing infant and children products. Meet requirements for EN71 – Part 1, 2, 3 & 9 (EU), ASTM F963 (US) toy safety standards, and REACH – SVHC.

Your Pups Will Have a Blast with Tennis Balls and Go-Go Astro Balls from P.L.A.Y.

Do you have a furry friend who loves to play fetch? Look no further than P.L.A.Y.’s Tennis Balls and Go-Go Astro Balls!

Both of these balls are perfect for keeping your pups active and entertained.

Let’s take a look at each of them in more detail and I will share why your pup has them on his “want” list!

P.L.A.Y. Dog Tennis Balls

Dog Tennis Balls

I have a couple of pups that live to play fetch so you know they fell in love with these fun tennis balls!

Your furry friend will love these non-abrasive dog tennis balls too! Whether they’re into playing fetch or just goofing around.

Pit Bull catching a P.L.A.Y. Tennis Ball

Each ball has a fun quote and a squeaker that will grab their attention. So, get ready for some serious playtime!

And, if you have pet parent friends, these fun tennis balls with quotes would make a fun little gift for them and their furry pals!

Pit Bull catching a P.L.A.Y. Tennis Ball

Features of the fun Dog Tennis Balls:

  • The tennis balls come in a pack of 4 balls with unique catchphrases included on each ball.
  • They are floatable and bouncy balls at the same time!
  • Each ball has squeakers for fun and to capture your dog’s attention.
  • While they are perfect for light chewers you should always supervise.
  • The balls are made of certified non-toxic material and AZO-free dyes.
  • The tennis balls meet the same strict quality standards for manufacturing infant and children products. Meet requirements for EN71 – Part 1, 2, 3 & 9 (EU), ASTM F963 (US) toy safety standards, and REACH – SVHC.
P.L.A.Y. Go-Go Astro Ball

Go-Go Astro Balls

If your dogs are anything like my pups they will love playing fetch with P.L.A.Y.’s Go-Go Astro Ball!

It’s a two-in-one ball that spins and soars through the air, keeping your dog captivated.

Pit Bull catching a Go-Go Astro Ball

Our dog Chaos is the ball champion of the family. He loves running and catching the ball in the air.

Pit Bull catching a Go-Go Astro Ball

He is really good and rarely misses. I believe the Astro Go Go ball is his very favorite as his eyes light up when he sees it!

Pit Bull puppy chewing on a Go-Go Astro Ball

The soft outer shell is perfect for chomping down on, and the squeaky tennis ball inside will delight your furry friend.

Our newest puppy member of the family enjoys chewing on it but he is also practicing catching it.

Pit Bull puppy chasing a Go-Go Astro Ball

He is still figuring it out but someday he will be as good as his older brother 🙂

Plus, it’s floatable and easy to spot, making it ideal for a game of fetch in the yard, in a swimming pool, or on the beach.

My dogs absolutely love their Go-Go Astro balls!

Features of the Go-Go Astro Balls:

  • These super cool and fun balls are available in three two-tone colors!
  • They are the perfect size for all pets: 3.1 inches in diameter.
  • They squeak – which is always fun! The tennis ball in the core will squeak and keep your pup entertained all day long.
  • The balls are floatable and they also bounce making them perfect for play in the yard or park while also great for pools and water play!
  • The balls use certified non-toxic materials and AZO-free dyes.
  • The Go-Go Astrov balls meet the same strict quality standards for manufacturing infant and children’s products. Meet requirements for EN71 – Part 1, 2, 3 & 9 (EU), ASTM F963 (US) toy safety standards, and REACH – SVHC.

P.L.A.Y Gives Back to Pets, People, and the Planet!

P.L.A.Y. gives back to pets, people, AND the planet in a number of give-back initiatives! It is their core value! And, you know that here at Miss Molly Says, we LOVE companies that do this!

P.L.A.Y. gives back to animals in need through their Warm Bellies Initiative and partnerships with organizations like the Petfinder Foundation and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

They also donate to organizations helping to end cancer and have a scholarship program for high school students who exemplify their core beliefs.

P.L.A.Y. is committed to helping the planet by using eco-friendly materials like their PlanetFill® filler made from recycled plastic bottles and offering a Build-a-Bed option using materials that were destined for landfills.

Be sure and read about the different ways they are active in giving back. It is really impressive!

Smiling Pit Bull laying in the grass with a Go-Go Astro Ball

P.L.A.Y. Pet Products and Toys are a Pet Owner’s Must Have!

As a pet parent, I love the useful pet parent products and my pups absolutely love the fun toys!

The P.L.A.Y. pet products and toys are the perfect way to enhance your furry friend’s playtime and adventures.

With their commitment to sustainability and their wide range of fun and engaging products, P.L.A.Y. is a must-try for any pet owner looking to give their furry companion the best possible play experience.

P.L.A.Y. offers beds, blankets, collars, leashes, outdoor gear, pouches, toys, and so much more you just have to take a look!

All their products are of the highest quality and we haven’t found anything we don’t like yet!

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and give your pet the gift of adventures and lots of fun playtimes with P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You!

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Anne Perry

Tuesday 6th of February 2024

I am looking for some tough toys that can handle a bulldog's bite.

Anne Perry

Monday 16th of October 2023

The pouch is nice for treats, not phones.


Monday 18th of September 2023

All of these products look great! I really like that treat pouch. My current one is old and worn, so it would be nice to replace it.

Anne Perry

Friday 15th of September 2023

Love the treat bags.


Friday 8th of September 2023

The Explorer Pack looks especially useful!

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