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Best CBD Dog Treats Review – Top Cannabis Treats for Pets

Hemp seed oil and its many different products have become some of the most sought-after natural remedies for a wide variety of health and wellness issues. But humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from these plants’ medicinal benefits. Like humans, dogs also have cannabinoid receptors and can also benefit from a little addition of CBD oil in their diet too.

Best CBD Dog Treats Review – Top Cannabis Treats for Pets

CBD oil for pets can come in many different forms depending on dosages. However, not all dogs will take CBD oil drops with a tail wag. For many pups out there, the solution for getting that CBD oil down is as simple as pets and a treat or two. So where does one start when looking for the right CBD dog treats?

CBD Dog Treats: Giving Your Dog the Best of Both Worlds One Tasty Treat at a Time

When it comes to taking the plunge into the world of CBD pet products for your dog, dog treats are definitely a great starting point. They are already properly dosed per treat. All you would need to do is give the correct amount of treats for your pet’s weight. If your pet isn’t getting the desired effect you can either up the dose, try another CBD oil pet product or ask your veterinarian for other options.

Don’t worry! Your precious furbaby will not suffer any “highs” from these types of hemp products. The reason is primarily due to the fact that pet cannabis products have minimal to no THC since this can component of cannabis can be very toxic to pets. Most CBD pet treats brands are THC free.

What to Look for in a High-Quality CBD Dog Treat Brand

1.) Going organic

Making sure the CBD dog treat brand you choose is organic will ensure your pet isn’t subjected to pesticides, insecticides, and other harmful chemical additives.

2.) All-natural ingredients

Just like all-natural dog food is better than those store brands filled to the brim with by-products, you will want CBD dog treats that offer a complete balance of all-natural ingredients along with its cannabis blend.

3.) Reliable dosing instructions

Giving your dog treats sounds easy enough, however, make sure the brand you choose offers an easy to understand dosage chart per dog weight. Weight is a factor when it comes to making sure your pet gets the desired effect from CBD oil.

4.) The variety of blend options

When it comes to dog treats there is always a selection of blends to choose from. If your dog is a bit of a picky eater, you can always try out a different flavor before switching to a different CBD oil edible method.

Final Thoughts on CBD Dog Treats

While there is a decent selection of CBD treats for dogs to choose from, not all treats are good. Take your time when selecting the right dog treats for your pup making sure it means all the previously mentioned standards. CBD oil can be a great addition to your dog’s diet and can be the perfect remedy for your pet’s health conditions.

If you are still unsure about the effects of CBD pet products, you can always consult your local veterinarian for their recommendations. Your pet’s veterinarian will also be able to answer any questions you may have regarding cannabis products for your dog as well.

moniique s

Friday 30th of April 2021

Looks like some great cbd benefits for fur babies


Friday 1st of February 2019

Coming across more cbd pet products, for cats too.

Sara Tarver

Monday 14th of January 2019

Great tips! Now I know what to look for when I go out and want to buy my dog pet treats.

kimberly Zais

Saturday 12th of January 2019

i think this is great. Our pets need it just as much as we do. I would totally give it to my boo boo boy for joint issues and other issues like anxiety and all. Im all in !


Friday 11th of January 2019

I never knew this . You hear more about CBD oil more often but this was a surprise to me about being for dogs too. thanks for the information

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