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Brandi’s Scare with Medication for Humans

We have had somethin’ super scary happenin’ at our house. My Lady has been really upset and hasn’t even slept yet. Last night ’round midnight my Lady went to take her medications. Well, somehow or another she dropped one of her pills on the floor. That sister of mine Brandi was by her side and immediately went chasin’ the pill.

Brandi's Scare with Medication for Humans

That girl had it in her mouth quicker than anything. My Lady tried to dig it out, but didn’t make it. Brandi had already swallowed it. It was a medicine that raises your blood pressure. Now bein’ a dog I don’t rightly know what that means. But my Lady says most people have the opposite problem and have to lower their blood pressure. Anyway, my Lady’s blood pressure stays to low and she has to take the medicine every day to raise hers.

It’s a purdy big dose and it scared my Lady to death. Sometimes dogs and medication for humans don’t get along! Especially human heart medications. The dosage is way to much for a dog! We had a big problem! Ya see where we live in a rural area, there’s only a small vet office and no emergency clinics. In the middle of the night, it is hard to reach anyone over the emergency line. She decided to try and wait it out, but stayed up with Brandi all night long to watch her and call the vet as soon as they opened. I think my Lady was ’bout ready to go knockin’ on the vet’s door at home! She sure was goin’ crazy!

After a long scary night, Brandi seemed to be alright, if just a bit shook up, until by about noon today. That’s when she started throwin’ up and actin’ very tired. She’s just been layin’ ’round when she ain’t upchuckin’. My Lady talked to our regular vet Lady again and they decided on takin’ a waitin’ approach to it. The vet doesn’t think the upchuckin’ is coming from swallowin’ the pill but they don’t know. Actually, the vet thinks it is somethin’ else and just happened to be right behind her swallowin’ the medicine. My Lady is still purdy worried ’bout her. She is off food and water right now, until later tonight. Then they are watchin’ her till morning. If she ain’t better, she has to go in to see the doc.

Brandi’s the hyper one in our pack and is usually up runnin’ and into everything. Today, sure has been quite. But, it ain’t a good quite 🙁

My lady knows the importance of keepin’ medicines put up and away. Normally, she keeps all the medicines in a plastic snap shut box AND in a cabinet up above the counter-top. It was all just a bad accident that she dropped it on the floor while taking it. But, another lesson learned – don’t take the medicines while us dogs are dwellin’ round your feet! For us, if it hits the floor – it’s fair game!

I sure do hope my sister’s gonna be all right. She seems mighty sick 🙁 Have y’all been through anything like this before?

Brutus Duffy

Friday 28th of February 2014

Sometimes we have our clients give their dogs hydrogen peroxide to make them vomit if something like that occurs and is caught right away. Ask your vet if this is ok for your pet per medications swallowed and what dose for her size. Accidents happen. Hope all is ok now.


Friday 28th of February 2014

Thank you! I need to talk further with the vet tomorrow. I believe, and so does she, that she is going to be fine. Her blood pressure is pretty elevated and she has stopped vomiting. She is napping now peacefully so I am hoping by tomorrow this nightmare will be over. I do need something in place knowing that there are several medications here and 7 dogs that could potentially get a hold of one just like this happened. I felt so bad :(

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