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Do Dogs Enjoy Dressing Up?

If you like following pets on social media, you’ll know that there are thousands of images floating around of dressed up dogs, wearing everything from bandanas to top hats. But do dogs enjoy dressing up?

Well, it depends on the circumstances.

Do Dogs Enjoy Dressing Up?

Unlike you or I, they don’t have any defined fashion sense. But they do enjoy wearing clothing when it makes them more comfortable or visible.

So, when do dogs like to dress up?

After Surgery

Sometimes, dogs like to wear a little overall following surgery or to protect a wound from infection.

Usually, your pooch will feel a little worse for wear after medical intervention and often need clothing to act as an extra layer of security.

It helps them feel warm, cozy, and contained, which often helps their recovery.

Clothing, however, isn’t a solution to your dog’s health woes – including skin problems and allergies.

So always go to the vet if your pup’s condition is not improving.

To Feel More Secure

Related to this is the idea that clothing can help to make dogs feel more secure.

That’s actually one of the reasons owners buy gifts such as bandanas or scarves.

These simple items help to make pooches feel more comfortable in their own skin, especially if they have an abusive history.

To Keep Themselves Warm

Small dog in striped sweater

Dogs, just like people, often feel cold weather. While most breeds have thick fur, some don’t.

Furthermore, dogs are generally smaller animals than people which means that they can struggle to retain heat, especially if there’s snow outside.

Giving your dog a fleece or a coat can, therefore, help to protect them against the cold.

These items of clothing work by keeping their core body temperature high and preventing heat from escaping their bodies.

The great thing about coats is that they are available from many vendors, so they’re easy to get hold of.

And once you have one, you can use it for years to come. Most wash just like regular clothes.

For Photo Ops

Some dogs just love dressing up for attention.

If your dog is in this category, then you’re free to get them to wear pretty much whatever you want, so long as you provide them with the odd treat in return.

Just make sure that your dog is comfortable wearing the item.

Most pups are okay with clothes on their bodies, but they might not enjoy wearing them on their faces as much.

You can also dress up dogs for special occasions, like Christmas and Halloween.

Again, some pups absolutely love the opportunity to have a party. However, you’ll want to make sure that they’re comfortable with wearing the clothes you give them.

Some dogs can get fussy!

Poodle in bluejean overalls

Remember, it’s not always the right time to dress up your dog.

If they appear unhappy or fearful, then don’t try to force wearing clothes on them. Instead, just wait for them to get into a better mood and then see if they enjoy it.

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