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Winter Pet Care Tips: Getting Your Pet thru Winter with all their Toes!

Y’all might not a noticed, what with your coats, heaters, and cars, but I’ve seen a lot of things on the movin’ picture box ‘bout keepin’ us pets cool in the summer. On the other hand, I haven’t seen much about keepin’ us warm in the winter. We wanted to talk to you a bit today ’bout the dangers of cold weather and tell you some winter pet care tips for gettin’ your pet thru the winter with all their toes!

I’m just a pup and don’t know a lot about it, ‘cept I wanna keep all my toes! Lemme fetch my Lady to tell you more Woof!

Age matters

Just like with people, the old and young have trouble regulating body temperature. It’s important they don’t stay outside too long and that you keep an eye on them while they are.

Let It GROW!

Sorry, overexposure to Frozen over the last year. Skip the trip to the groomer and let your pets’ fur grow out longer. The extra length will help keep them warm. Never shave your pet and save the haircuts for the summer.

No Free Range Dogs

Every year dogs get away from their owners, wander onto thin ice and fall through. The cold weather also masks smells, making it more likely for them to get lost according to the APSCA.

Buy A Coat

Just as you wear layers, consider sweaters and coats for short haired pets also. Also, the pads on a dog’s feet can be vulnerable to the cold, so consider booties if your dog will have to be outside for a long time. In areas where deicing salts have been used, make sure you wipe your dog’s paws before coming in to avoid irritation and them licking it off.

Clean Up After Yourself

Household chemicals can kill animals quickly, even in small amounts. Anti-freeze has a sweet smell and taste that attracts pets if you spill while topping off your vehicle, be sure to wipe up thoroughly.

Protein Power

Protein can help improve your pet’s coat and boost their metabolism, which will help keep them more active during the cold months, which will keep them warmer. Consider adding an additional protein source to their food.

Keep Them Inside

You live in a house for a reason. On days that are extremely cold, bring your pets inside, even if it’s just into the garage, which will still be much warmer than outside. If you do though, be careful because cats love to climb up into warm spots like wheel wells and inside the engine. If you do let them inside the garage, be sure to make sure they aren’t somewhere they can be hurt or killed when you start the car.

Pets are a year-round commitment, with different things to be aware of each season. During the winter, we need to be aware of the cold, snow and ice and make sure our pets are around for all the seasons to come – without freezing their toes off! 🙂

Here are a few more Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets you might like to read!


Sunday 30th of September 2018

Winter is coming.. so better refresh on these tips


Thursday 20th of September 2018

Extremely important to refresh these tips, as winter iS COMING

Laurie Nykaza

Saturday 8th of August 2015

Good info winter will be here before we know it . I bought my friend booties shoes for his dog he lives where its very cold and snows too.

Jasmine P

Monday 23rd of February 2015

Thanks for sharing this! Important info!

Sue Hull

Thursday 12th of February 2015

These are some awesome tips! My daughter has 3 dogs and they're all inside dogs so I always tell her buy coats for her 2 chihuahua when she takes them out.Thanks for sharing :)

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