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Dog Tales: How to Help Your Pet Enjoy Every Adventure

Whether you are venturing out on a vacation or a day trip, you know that you want to take your dog with you. However, you don’t want the gain to be about selfish gain for you; you want your pet to enjoy the trip too.

Dog Tales How to Help Your Pet Enjoy Every Adventure

Dog Tales: How to Help Your Pet Enjoy Every Adventure

Conduct Research before You Leave

While more places are opening up their doors to dogs than in the past, plenty of spots still have a strict policy that forbids pets from entering. Showing up without conducting research might just mean that you need to turn right around and go home or that you and your dog need to stay outside. You should also see what type of activities the entity has for dogs.

Protect Your Dog’s Safety

Animal clinics such as the Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital suggests that you microchip your dog. Make sure that the microchip is registered to you; this device can help reunite you with your dog if he or she becomes lost. You also need to make sure that the dog has proper identification tags. Do not allow your dog off the leash; smaller breeds should wear harnesses. You can also purchase a GPS device that can attach to your dog’s collar or harness for an extra layer of safety. Don’t just assume that your dog will stay by your side; an unfamiliar environment or experience could excite the dog.

Bring Food and Water

Even if the place you’re visiting provides food and water for your pet, bringing your own is the smart idea. Sharing communal bowls of food and water with other pets could introduce your dog to disease. Also, your dog may be allergic to the food or may grow hungry or thirsty during the car ride. Make sure that you bring clean bowls with you. Do not allow your dog to eat berries or other food off of the ground. These items could be poisonous, or they might sit on grass that has recently been sprayed.

Take Breaks

You might have the ability to walk for miles without a break, but that doesn’t mean your dog can, especially if you have a smaller breed. Remember that taking a break helps both you and your dog to recharge. If you are planning to do a great deal of walking, schedule breaks for yourself. You can check out a tourist attraction or sit down to enjoy some water.

Adventuring with your dog will become more enjoyable when you are willing to follow some tips.


Tuesday 18th of September 2018

Nice fun well planned out adventure is needed with a pet!


Wednesday 3rd of August 2016

The pic of the dog in the kiddie pool is adorable!

Sandy Weinstein

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016

these are excellent reminders of what to do for summertime adventure with your pets and how to keep them safe. checking places for access with your pets will ensure that your pet will not have to stay in a hot car which they should never do, you should just leave since it was your fault for not checking ahead of time.


Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

Thanks for these common sense reminders of making sure our pets are safe and happy during adventures.

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