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Enjoy Your Best Friend More with a Rywell No Pull Dog Harness

If you have a dog, then more than likely you have tried a harness for your daily walks or outings. For some, it is an enjoyable experience but if you have a dog that pulls – well, not so much, right? That’s where a Rywell No Pull dog harness can make it enjoyable for both you and your furry friend!

Take a look at this must-have dog harness and learn how it can be a benefit for you and your pup!

Enjoy Your Best Friend More with a Rywell No Pull Dog Harness

In a household where there are multiple dogs. I can guarantee I have tried multiple dog harnesses, leashes, and collars!

At the highest count, our pack included 13 dogs. Sadly, 4 have passed on to Rainbow bridge. Currently, our pack has 9 dogs ranging from 8 pounds to 120 pounds – Yup! You read that correctly

For me and the pack, harnesses are considered a top necessity and especially for my large breed dogs.

Let me start by saying, I detest hooking a leash to their collar and more so for large dogs and ones that like to pull. It can harm their throat before you know what happened!

In a perfect world, all our dogs would walk calmly by our side, but we all know that’s not always the case.

There’s always that one that wants to walk you instead of the other way around, right?

Then again, maybe you have a calm senior dog and looking for a super comfy and durable harness.

This is what makes a harness like the Rywell No Pull dog harness set a must-have for all dogs!

Rywell No Pull Harness, Leash, and Collar Set

What Does the No Pull Dog Harness from Rywell Set Come With

The Rywell No Pull Dog Harness set comes with a harness, leash, collar, and two velcro patches.

The 5 ft leash is strong with a heavy-duty clip – very important! I once had a dog break the clip on the end of the leash and it taught me to ONLY use heavy-duty well-made ones!

The set also includes a matching collar with a strong heavy-duty buckle.

In addition, the set also comes with two removable velcro patches. These are fun to show your dog’s identity, or you can attach creative magic tapes to show your dog’s personality.

The harness is the most important piece in the set so let’s take a look at the details!

Rywell No Pull Harness detail

The Rywell Dog Harness is Super Comfortable

Your pup will enjoy the cushiony padding of the harness as it makes it extra comfortable to wear.

Even though the dog harness is extremely durable, it is skin-friendly, breathable, and lightweight on your dog!

Your furbaby can wear it all day and will not experience any itching or irritation.

Heeler Pit bull mix wearing a Rywell No Pull Harness

Adjusting the Dog Harness

The Rywell dog harness has 4 changeable adjustment points for a snug fit which is important for control over your dog.

A snug fit prevents shifting, slipping, and sliding.

Rywell has certainly thought of everything as the dog harness also features a water-repellent finish for getting outside in cool weather and light precipitation.

In addition, it features reflective trim to help you keep an eye on your dog when visibility is limited!

Rywell No Pull Harness with leash attached to dog

Features Front and Back D-Rings

You will love the two D-rings! One is located on the top of the harness for regular walking, jogging, etc.

Rywell No Pull Harness showing front clip

The second D-ring is located in the front of the harness and is helpful in training your dog not to pull.

Please note! The No-Pull dog harness is only a tool and not a miracle worker! You must still work on training your dog.

However, with the position of the front D-ring on the harness, if your dog tries to pull, a gentle tug on the leash turns them back towards you. They can no longer go forward.

Rywell No Pull Harness harness showing top clip

Features a Top Handle

The no pull dog harness features a sturdy thick top handle which comes in handy for more control of your dog.

It makes it easy to hold on to your dog if the need arises.

How to Get the Right Size dog Harness for Your Dog

When ordering your harness, it is extremely important to choose the right size.

You do this by measuring your dog NOT going by size or breed!

Looks can be deceiving! As in my two dogs featured here.

German Shepherd Lab mix wearing a Rywell No Pull Harness

My German Shepherd Lab mix is very tall (think Great Dane tall) and 103 pounds. He is the right weight for his size and has a muscular build.

Heeler Pit bull mix wearing a Rywell No Pull Harness

My Heeler Pit Bull mix is short and shall we say humph… overweight at 86 pounds? Please don’t tell Miss Molly I called her fat EEK! She has a short stocky build.

The important thing to notice here is – BOTH the above-mentioned dogs are wearing a size X-large and it fits each perfectly even though they have different weights and body shapes!

How to Measure for Fit

To start, measure their chest (the widest part of his torso).

Then, measure the LOWEST part of their neck not where a collar would fit.

Add 2 fingers to your measurement to allow for adjustment. Then, look at Rywell’s sizing chart. The sizes are true to size.

If the measurement falls between two sizes, or if your dog is still growing or fluctuating in weight, choose the larger size.

The dog harness sets are offered in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large.

German Shepherd Lab mix wearing a Rywell No Pull Harness

How to Put the Rywell No Pull Dog Harness on Your Dog

Have you ever purchased a harness and you get it home and think oh my goodness! How on earth do I put this thing on?

With the Rywell dog harness, it is super easy! Your dog does not have to do acrobatics or any leg-lifting to have it put on!

Simply slip the front loop over their head. Then, place the cushioned chest piece between their front legs.

From there, it is only a matter of reaching under, grabbing the snap, and snapping it in place on both sides. Easy-peasy!

Be sure to secure all buckles on all sides and double-check that the dog harness fits snug but not too tight.

Harness Care Instructions

You don’t have to fret the rain and mud with the Rywell dog harness as it is machine washable if gets too dirty and grungy.

To dry, simply hang or simply lay on top of your dryer.

German Shepherd Lab mix and a Heeler Pit bull mix wearing a Rywell No Pull Harness

My thoughts on the Rywell No Pull Dog Harness

As I have stated, and with the number of dogs I deal with, I have tried all sorts of kinds of harnesses, leashes, and collars but non compare with the Rywell dog harness set!

I, and the dogs, LOVE the padded cushioned comfort of the Rywell harness! I also love that it doesn’t bind or pinch them in any way.

Another point I particularly love about the dog harness is the double D-rings and the sturdy thick handle.

Both give me the ultimate control over my pup which is important for their safety when out and about.

I also love the sturdy clips and the reflective trim on the harness, leash, and collar.

The Rywell No Pull Dog Harness set is amazing AND a great value at a VERY good price point! You simply can’t go wrong with trying it!

Speaking of trying one of these pawsome dog harness sets, we have a special discount offer for friends and fans of Miss Molly Says friends!

Rywell is offering a 10% Amazon discount off the No Pull Dog Harness set with the discount code: UGDMVJNX

This code will expire: 12/31/2024

Anne Perry

Monday 16th of October 2023

I am looking for a great harness for my french bulldog.

Anne Perry

Saturday 16th of September 2023

Great review. I am looking for new harnesses.

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