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Dogs: The New Wedding Crashers

With dog ownership on the rise, it is no surprise that people are incorporating their pets into their everyday lives. From going out to eat, to shopping, or even heading out to a friend’s (or their own) wedding, dogs are everywhere. These days, many people and even businesses are open and accommodating to pets, especially at weddings, making them one of the newest “wedding crashers.”

dogs in weddings

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Wedding Etiquette for Dogs

First and foremost, it’s important that dogs are bathed, brushed, and well-groomed before even considering bringing them to an event such as a wedding.

No one likes a real “wedding crasher,” but it’s even worse when dogs show up filthy or smelly.

So make sure to give Fido a spa day and pop in a puppy breath mint before leaving.

Those throwing the wedding should be sure to make a note to all guests that dogs have or will be attending the festivities.

This is important, as some people may have allergies or other more personal issues with dogs.

Though it may be “their day, it’s still important to remain courteous of others.

It is also worth noting that not everyone likes dogs, nor do dogs like everyone.

Pups who are not social should not be brought to a wedding.

This is especially true of dogs that do not like children. It is always important to keep safety in mind first.

A wedding can be overstimulating and overwhelming for a canine companion, which could lead to problems.

Be wary of strangers, friends, and family at weddings.

Those who do (and don’t) like dogs may be tempted to give the pup a treat.

Chocolate and a variety of other wedding treats can be poisonous to canines, so it is important to keep an eye on the dog at all times.

Finally, follow up with the venue to be assured they are dog-approved.

While the people throwing the event might be OK with dogs attending, that does not mean the venue owner is.

Never assume that it was inquired about beforehand, always call ahead and ask about dogs at the venue.

This will prevent the hazardous dog-in-car-on-a-hot-sunny-day situation.

Dogs in Weddings

Ever heard of a flower dog? How about a best woodsman?

A rising trend for couples is to incorporate their pooch into the ceremony via a variety of roles.

These pampered pooches are washed, brushed, fluffed, and dressed in their finest before being sent down the aisle to their owners.

The rings can be attached to their collars using ribbon or even placed into the tuxedo of a male dog.

Dogs also make fabulous maids of honor, groomsmen, or in some cases, even an usher!

Dogs are becoming more integrated into our lives every day, whether it’s dining out or heading to a wedding.

Therefore, it’s important to always plan ahead when your canine companion has been invited along.

Whether they’re a part of the festivities or just another guest, always be sure to follow through with proper doggy etiquette for whatever the occasion—and don’t forget to make sure they’re dressed for the occasion!

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