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Easy Dog Training Tips

When you get a dog you have hopes and dreams of a great lifelong relationship, but a few things need to be done first. Like finding a balance that fits everyone. Similar to children, pets need rules and boundaries for a peaceful home, and training them to follow those rules can take a bit of work. These easy dog training tips will help.

Easy Dog Training Tips

Easy Dog Training Tips

Consistency is vital from potty training to teaching your dog to wipe his paws on the welcome mat will be your best friend. Stick to the same rules and use the same reinforcement every time.

For easy training, a few tools come in handy. Healthy treats make for great reinforcement while training your dog to follow commands.

A clicker is great to have on hand for teaching your dog tricks, behavior skills, and even potty training.

A harness is the best tool for teaching your dog to walk on a leash.

You can safely tug without risking choking your dog and the security makes it harder for your dog to escape.

One of the best ways to train your dog is with positive reinforcement.

This is where healthy treats and lots of loving praise come into play for training your dog.

Potty Training

Potty training your dog can be a tricky task. Even older well trained dogs can get a bit confused in a new home with new rules.

When potty training your dog, take him outside at least every two hours and always within 15 minutes of a meal.

Just like training a child, constancy and timing is vital for potty training your dog.

You can find great potty training tools like a hanging bell for your dog to let you know he is by the door and ready to go.

Basic Commands

Teaching your dog basic commands like sit, roll over, and even shake can be fun and easy.

Turn practice into play time and watch your dog respond to your love and affection.

Practice often and reward with healthy treats and plenty of praise.

A clicker can come in handy for teaching your dog basic commands.

Training to Wipe Paws

Training your dog to wipe paws is a harder skill but will save you a lot of cleaning time.

When your dog comes to the door to come in you can train them to use a mat or towel to remove mud from their paws.

Place a toy or treat under a towel and show your dog how by pawing at the towel they can get to the treat.

Do this each time they come in even when the ground is dry.

After they get used to that, you can switch and put the treat on the mat.

Then, eventually, remove the treat.

You must be consistent and do this every time, but the time you save on mopping will make up for it.

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