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Greenies Grain-Free Dental Dog Treats for Healthy Teeth & Gums #Review

Y’all know my Lady is all about some doggie dental care ’round here! She is always a puttin’ stuff in our water, brushin’ at our teeth and makin’ sure we get a dental chew everyday. We ought to have the healthiest mouths in the county by now! I ain’t complainin none! No siree! We like havin’ shiny teeth and good smellin’ breath! Good breath and purdy white teeth gets us lots of sugars WOOF! My favorite, and the whole pack’s favorite, are the Greenies Dental Dog Treats! I’ll let my Lady tell ya all about em…

Greenies Grain-Free Dental Dog Treats for Healthy Teeth & Gums #Review

Here’s my Lady to tell ya ’bout the Greenies Grain-Free Dental Dog Treats

You’ve heard us say before how important oral care is for your dog’s overall health. Their dental health is just as important as our dental health is to us. It can literally add years to their lifespan! One way of helping your furry friends is by using dental dog treats. Dogs love dental treats and chews and they are good for their teeth and gums.

One of my pups favorites is the Greenies Grain-Free Canine Dental Chews, next to their Kanoodles Dental Chews! The Greenies Dental Chews are proven to clean their teeth by fighting both plaque and tartar buildup. They also help freshen their breath. Molly will argue that she doesn’t have bad breath,  but she hasn’t ever turned down a free breath freshener either! 🙂

Greenies Grain-Free Dental Dog Treats for Healthy Teeth & Gums #Review

I guess Brandi isn’t waiting on hand out time! She is not going away until she can swipe one! Yep! They love them that much!

I love that the new Greenies Grain-Free Dental Chews have chickpeas and potato. Chickpeas are an amazing superfood! This formulation makes these a nice low-fat dental chew that is perfect for daily treating. I also love the fact that they seem to have a good chew time, without being so hard they may crack their teeth. It is more like a rubbery texture that they have to chew a while instead of just hard and crunchy. The chew time is important for the cleaning of the teeth.

Key Benefits of Greenies Dental Chews:

  • They’re the #1 vet-recommended dental chew
  • Grain-free dental chews
  • Provides a total oral-health solution
  • Safe and easy to digest
  • Highly palatable and have an irresistible taste
  • Made in the USA

Greenies are available in 12 or 27 oz bags. The number of treats in the bag is determined by the size of dental treats ordered. Obviously, with all these big pups, we needed the treats in size large, which are the perfect size for my dogs (German Sheps, Rotties and Labs). Then number of treats in the bag is determined by the size of the dental chew. In other words, the smaller the dental chews – the more there are in the bag or the larger the dental chew – the less in the bag. Just keep in mind, with dental chews and to get the maximum benefit, you need to match the size to the dog.

Greenies Grain-Free Dental Dog Treats come in sizes:

  • Teenies for dogs 5-15 pounds
  • Petite for dogs 15-25 pounds
  • Regular for dogs 25-50 pounds
  • Large for dogs 50-100 pounds

Our pack loves them! If you would like to try them for your furry friend, you can find these yummy Greenies Grain-Free Dental Dog Treats and other pet supplies at Chewy. is our number one place for all pet supplies!

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Tuesday 11th of February 2020

I had the ones for my cats before, they are ok.

Linda Szymoniak

Monday 21st of August 2017

My dogs really love these - well, they love every dental treat I've ever given them. I know these help, but really wish they did even more. It doesn't help that my dogs gobble them down with a minimum of chewing.

Linda Szymoniak

Thursday 4th of May 2017

I really wish my dogs would let me brush their teeth. I know they love rawhides, which do help keep their teeth clean - but the issues with rawhides have me avoiding them. I've tried Greenies with my dogs and they absolutely love them! I've seen improvement on their teeth, but have yet to find something that works perfectly.


Tuesday 3rd of November 2015

My pup loves these and they do keep her teeth clean, which is an important thing. I love that they are now grain free.

JIll H

Wednesday 21st of October 2015

nice they are grain free, and made in the USA!

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