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I Haz My Own Picture Pet ID Packet for If’n I get Lost or Took

My Lady says that lots a dogs are goin’ missin’ these days. She knows that us guys don’t wander off but she says that there’s always a possibility that some bad guy would nab us dogs if they got a chance. So, she has these big old ‘nilla envelope things for each of us guys that she put some stuff in bout each of us. She calls it a pet id packet.

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What to include in a Pet ID Packet:


I like ‘em cause each big envelope gots a picture of us on it. I think I am the purtiest! Anyway, I was watching my Lady put em together and it really ain’t hard. She put several of our pictures inside there that she got from that printin’ machine. She says that’s so she has them handy just in case she has to give ‘em to folks.

Important Numbers

People get real frazzled when their fur kids go missin’ so I s’pose they wouldn’t be able to think too fast and my Lady says this is important information to be able to give out in a hurry. She has a big old list in there too. She wrote down my microchip number, my vet’s number and the number to our local shelter. That’s in case I’ just lost and somebody takes me there.

I don’t wanna stay there for too long, so I hope she calls em quick and tells em to be on the look-out if I ever get lost! She also says she will take em some pictures of me (if I am the one lost, of course!) so that they will know me if someone brings me in there.

Full Description of Pet

She also wrote a full description of each of us in our picture books. I thought that was silly since she knows what we look like, but she says when folks are upset, they may not always ‘member important stuff so it’s good to have it all down in a safe place.

I was gettin’ kind a scared with all this lost dog talk, but my Lady says it’s just good to be prepared. She also says it’s a handy packet to take with us when we travel. Now I like travelin’ so I won’t mind if she takes my pet info picture book, if it makes her feel better.

Miss Molly

Me and the rest of the pack got no desire to wander off, cause we like it here, but sometimes you just never know what can happen. People are bein’ mean and sneaky about snatchin’ dogs that don’t belong to ‘em. My Lady is always talkin’ bout the poor dogs on Facebook that are missin’ 🙁

Them dog snatchers better not mess with my pack, cause I’m the protector around here, but I guess I do feel better knowin’ that my Lady is prepared and ready to do all she can in a hurry if somethin’ does happen to one of us.

Do you have a Pet Id Packet for your pet?

Do you got a picture book or pet id packet of your critter, with all that information written down inside? If you don’t…do all us guys a favor and go do it now! We hope you never need it in a hurry, but if ya do, it could get your critter home a lot sooner.

Marnie Ward

Tuesday 22nd of December 2020

I never thought about this before but it is a great idea. My dog now has all his pet ID information.


Tuesday 31st of March 2020

Good to have these, some have neat tech too.

Chelsi Smith

Monday 11th of April 2016

Awesome thank you for sharing.

Linda Soma

Sunday 1st of November 2015

Great idea!!!

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