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5 Tips for Snapping Better Photos of Your Fur Baby

One of the best perks of having cameras included in most of today’s smartphones is that you can take pictures of the things you love whenever you feel like it. And if you happen to be caring for an endearing and beloved pet, you can be sure that your phone’s camera roll will be filled with photos of their cute furry face. However, as any pet owner knows, snapping better photos of your fur baby can take a lot of work.

After all, many pets love to play and run around, which can make it difficult to capture clear pictures of them.

Moreover, even if you do manage to get a clear pic of your fur baby, it may not quite do their adorableness justice.

Indeed, pet photography can be tricky.

5 Tips for Snapping Better Photos of Your Fur Baby

Fortunately, investing in high-quality pet apparel, such as those offered by PrideBites customizable pet products, can help any pet look more photo-ready.

In the end, though, it’ll be you snapping the pictures, so you’ll want to learn how to make your fur baby look awesome in each short.

To help you capture your furry pal in the best light, here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind when taking pictures of your animal friend:

Get Your Pet Used to the Camera

To increase your chances of snapping a great photo, you’ll have to get your furry friend used to the camera first.

Start this process by quietly approaching them while they’re in a happy state, such as when they’re receiving a treat or playing with their favorite toy.

You can also actively create such an environment by engaging with them directly and giving them rewards.

Then, once they’re in a positive mood, snap some pictures of them.

If they run away, don’t be discouraged.

Try again next time until they become used to having the camera around.

Get Down to Your Pet’s Eye Level

Since pets are often smaller than their human parents, many owners are used to taking pictures of their fur babies from a high standpoint.

While this angle can still result in cute photos, you can significantly spruce up your pet pics by taking shots from around their eye level instead.

This change of camera angle can bring a fresh look to your pictures and literally help you see your pet from a different point of view.

Dog with floppy ears and a bright green ball

Highlight Your Pet’s Personality

Every pet has a unique personality, and when you’re taking pictures, this is one of the most important things you want to capture.

Not only will it make them look livelier compared to photos of them sitting still, but it also makes them more visually distinct from other pets.

In short, allowing your pet’s character to shine through is a surefire way to capture one-of-a-kind photos.

One tip for accomplishing this is to think about any interesting things that your pet does often.

Do they play with their toys in a specific way?

Are there any particular spots around the house that they like to hang around in?

When you think about the things that make your pet different, you also determine what makes them special.

With this information, you’ll know exactly which of their aspects or quirks to highlight when composing and planning your shots.

Don’t Forget to Clean Up the Background

You’d be surprised to learn just how much of a difference a good background can make when it comes to taking amazing photos.

So, before you start snapping photos around the house, make sure that there aren’t any embarrassing messes behind your pet.

Also, keep an eye out for things that may awkwardly stick out and ruin a photo’s composition, like a tall houseplant, a broom, or a trash can, to name a few.

Get Some Help from a Loved One

Keeping your pet occupied while trying to capture cute pics can be challenging, especially if you happen to have a rambunctious pup.

Fortunately, this is a feat that can be more easily accomplished with a helping hand.

If you can, ask another person to engage with your pet so that you can concentrate on taking photos instead.

This strategy doesn’t just let you put all of your focus and energy into finding the best angles and compositions for your planned shots.

It also allows your furry pal to fully enjoy the undivided attention they’re receiving from your photoshoot partner.

And if the person helping you is fond of playing with pets, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved!

Taking a closeup picture of a smiling husky

Many people love to take pictures of what they love, and it’s little wonder why so many pet parents love snapping shots of their precious fur babies.

By taking note of the pointers above, you’re sure to capture lots of beautiful pictures of your animal companion—ones that do their cuteness and personality justice.

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