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Help Animals in Need with Buy a Bag, Give a Meal Program #fortheloveofpets

It’s a distant memory to me now, but I was an animal in need before I found my Lady. It’s right scary when your stomach is rumblin’ and ya don’t know where your next meal is comin’ from! These days it’s all good and my tummy is full, if you can’t tell from this spare tire I have acquired WOOF!  However, I have plenty of friends that still need our help. Some are spending time in the shelters and rescues while they wait on their forever homes. Them places are hard put to keep enough food to help animals in need!

Help Animals in Need with Buy a Bag, Give a Meal Program #fortheloveofpets

Then, have ya ever thought about the animals whose humanz are just down on their luck? Maybe they are homeless, or maybe they are just barely scrapin’ by. Humanz can visit food banks that will help em out, but most of those places don’t have food for us. Well, my Lady says PetSmart has launched a program to help animals in need called their “Buy a Bag, Give a Meal™” program!

Help Animals in Need with Buy a Bag, Give a Meal Program #fortheloveofpets

Photo Credit: PetSmart

PetSmart’s “Buy a Bag, Give a Meal™” program sounds purdy nifty to me from what my Lady was tellin’ me! Lemme fetch her to tell ya more about it!

Here’s my Lady to tell ya more about PetSmart’s Buy A Bag, Give a Meal™ Program to Help Animals in Need

My pups favorite time of day is meal time! There is nothing they love more than chowing down and I love knowing they have full bellies of nutritional food. On the other hand, and by being in the rescue world, I can vouch for the sheer number of animals in need of a simply meal! Shelters and rescues are packed, and overflowing, with hungry animals.

Help Animals in Need with Buy a Bag, Give a Meal Program #fortheloveofpets

Image Courtesy of PetSmart

In addition, there are struggling families everywhere that are having a very real problem feeding their families, including their furry family member(s). These families may rely on food banks and pantries. However, pet food is a rare offering in human food bank programs and is not an eligible item for purchase through most food assistance programs. As a result, some families in need often sacrifice their own food, feeding their beloved pets human food to ensure they have something to eat.

Well, PetSmart put on their thinking cap and in honor of their 30th anniversary, has launched their “Buy a Bag, Give a Meal™” program! I am excited because it is a program that will help fill hungry bellies!

Here’s what PetSmart says about their Buy a Bag, Give a Meal™ program!

“At PetSmart we love pets and we believe they make us better people. To celebrate our 30 years of continued commitment to helping pets in need every day and as a trusted partner to pet parents everywhere, we want to celebrate by giving back even more,” said Eran Cohen, chief customer experience officer, PetSmart. “Throughout 2017, every time pet parents purchase any bag of dog or cat food in our stores or online, they can rest assured they are also helping feed pets in need. When their pets eat, pets in need eat, too. It’s that simple.”

Help Animals in Need with Buy a Bag, Give a Meal Program #fortheloveofpets

Image Courtesy of PetSmart

How Does the Buy a Bag, Give a Meal™ Work?

As most pet owners know, PetSmart carries a wide range of dog and cat food brands. And, the “Buy a Bag, Give a Meal™” program includes all brands and sizes of dog and cat food bags. For every bag of dog or cat dry food purchased at a PetSmart store, or between March 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017, PetSmart will donate a meal (5 oz dog food; 1.5 oz cat food) to PetSmart Charities to help feed a pet in need. Simply purchase your regular bag of pet food and they will take it from there.

Help Animals in Need with Buy a Bag, Give a Meal Program #fortheloveofpets

Image Courtesy of PetSmart

Where/How Does the Food Get Distributed?

According to PetSmart’s Buy a Bag, Give a Meal™ press release, PetSmart Charities® plans to collaborate with national nonprofits to help effectively distribute the pet food. They will be distributing it to pet shelters, rescues, and food banks.

“We are proud to team up with PetSmart on this important philanthropic initiative in celebration of its 30 years in business,” said David Haworth, DVM, Ph.D. “These food donations are key to helping animal welfare organizations free up precious resources so they can continue their life-saving work, as well as deliver pet food as an option at food banks and pantries. We look forward to seeing the impact this significant pet food donation will make to close the gap on this critical and essential need in animal welfare.”

Pit-Heeler Mix announcing PetSmart Buy a Bag, Give a Meal Program

Will you join us in helping PetSmart meet their goal? I’m not ashamed to beg and my friends that aren’t as lucky as I am will truly appreciate it!

60 Million Meal Donation Goal to Help Animals in Need!

PetSmart expects to donate more than 60 million meals! That’s a lot of meals and a lot of needy pets helped! If you have often wondered how you can help animals in need, now’s your chance! NOTHING EXTRA ON YOUR PART! Our pets need to eat! So, simply purchase your normal bag of pet food. That’s it! As they say, there is power in numbers. If we all work together, we can help millions of animals!

Will you join us in helping PetSmart meet that goal to help animals in need?


Tuesday 12th of December 2017

This is a great program! And I have heard how some of the food banks and pantries have been giving out pet food.

Stephanie Mitchell

Saturday 27th of May 2017

This is a great program. We have a Pet Smart in the area and a thrift store dedicated to helping a local no kill adoption pet rescue center.

Carolyn Massey

Friday 14th of April 2017

I have seen this on tv and what a wonderful program. We buy our dog food at Pet Smart so no problem there. It breaks my heart to see an animal go hungry.

Christine A.

Sunday 19th of March 2017

Will definitely share the info will family and friends.

Jan Lee

Sunday 19th of March 2017

If I had a dog, I'd certainly check into this program so I could buy a bag of food :) Thank you for posting about this! :)

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