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Just Adopted A Puppy? Here is How To Make It Trust You

Adopting or rescuing a puppy is one of the most responsible and joyful things to do. Not only does this act save a young dog from a problematic situation, but it can also be a rewarding and wonderful experience for you and your family.  

However, once you adopt a puppy, there are undoubtedly several challenges to be faced.

Just Adopted A Puppy? Here is How To Make It Trust You

For example, many dogs with troubled beginnings may require building trust, which takes time and patience.

First, consulting experienced experts, such as vets in Panorama City, CA, can yield proven methods for your puppy.

Second, this article provides an introduction to building trust with your adopted dog. 

Show consistency in your behavior

Dogs thrive on routine and predictability – inconsistency can confuse and stress them out.

Consistency is essential as it allows you to gradually establish trust and reduce associated feelings of danger for the dog.

Dogs need to feel secure and trust their owners; consistency in your behavior helps create a stable and predictable environment without threat. 

For example, this may involve greeting them the same way every time you see them – regardless of their initial fearful or defensive response.

Moreover, giving them food at the same time each day and providing unconditional love at all times will boost their trust. 

Train them

Generally speaking, dogs in a position to be trained are privileged animals – mainly if they are provided with delicious snacks every time they achieve a minor goal.

However, the most critical thing for owners is never to be cruel or show overstated anger when training them.

Many dogs need additional time to master a command or do a trick – but patience is a must.

Train your puppy every day (or every other day) and implement positive reinforcement as much as possible.

This will show them that they can trust you no matter what they do.

Black and white puppy sleeping

Provide a safe space

For those considering adopting a puppy, it is safe to assume that this animal has gone through some tough times.

These dogs typically lived on the streets (and in many cases) were abused by their previous owners.

These emotional scars must be approached with sensitivity.

Be gentle with your dog and provide a safe space.

This could involve providing them with a bed and area for play. This is critical as they will gain a sense that they are human equals while reinforcing a sense of belonging.

This is the definition of a safe space for a dog. 

Beautiful white Chihuahua

In conclusion, rearing a rescue dog should be approached with sensitivity and patience.

Seek guidance from experts to understand proven methods to build trust and unconditional love. Your reward will be a dog that is happy, healthy and remains faithful for life.

One last suggestion. Although a puppy is a wonder, never rule out adopting a senior dog – these are often forgotten and need as much love as young canines. 

Anne Perry

Thursday 9th of November 2023

Rescue dogs have rescued me.


Tuesday 19th of September 2023

I often wonder why spaying & neutering aren't mandatory.?


Saturday 19th of August 2023

This should help many people!

Bea LaRocca

Friday 18th of August 2023

Thank you for sharing these great tips on how to establish a trusting relationship with a new puppy

Rita Wray

Saturday 8th of July 2023

Thank you for the tips.

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