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How to Get Rid of Pet Smells at Home

How to Get Rid of Pet Smells at Home

Pets are amazing and they are practically members of one’s family, and you have to allow members of your family to spend time in your home. However, the ugly truth is that they can make your house smell. The lingering smell of a cat or a dog can be really annoying, and even if you find a way to learn to live with it, it will always be unpleasant when you have guests coming over. There must be something you can do without banishing your beloved friend from the house. Of course, there is. In this article, we’ll discuss a number of ways to get rid of the pesky pet odor pets leave behind.

How to Get Rid of Pet Smells at Home

How to Get Rid of Pet Smells at Home

Bathe your pet

The first step to solving the problem is going back to its roots. A well-groomed pet will leave less unpleasant smells in your home than a pet that is not cleaned regularly. Grooming includes brushing teeth, bathing, and clipping nails because it is bad breath, dirty fur, and nails that make your house smell. Dogs should be bathed once a month or even more often if they have particularly smelly fur. Their teeth should be brushed three to four times a week. Also, when the pet enters the house from the outside, you should wipe their paws.

How to Get Rid of Pet Smells at Home

Wash the pet’s accessories and bed

Dog’s bed should be washed in the washing machine (if it is machine-washable) every month, while a cat’s litter box must be cleaned of waste daily to minimize feces and urine smells, and the litter should be changed weekly. When you throw out the dirty litter, wash the box with soap, pan and water and only when the box is dried, add fresh litter. Leashes, collars, fabric toys and hard toys should be washed in the machine or in the sink with soap and water.

Establish a regular cleaning routine

The best way to avoid odor in the first place is to establish a regular cleaning routine that includes vacuuming at least three times a week, dusting and cleaning hard floors weekly (mix vinegar and water for the best results), cleaning carpets every few months and cleaning pet’s mess as soon as it happens. Do that by picking up solid waste and throwing it in the garbage. Absorb excess moisture by blotting the mess. To avoid odor, spray the area with an enzyme cleaner. For the maximum efficiency, let it sit for about 30 minutes. Finally, blot the cleaned area with a cloth and leave it to air-dry. You should also regularly wash the textiles, such as bed covers and drapes.

How to Get Rid of Pet Smells at Home

Clear the air

Nothing beats odors like fresh air. To maximize the amount of clean air in your home, you should keep the windows open as much as you can. This is easy to do in spring, summer, and some days of the fall. Opening the windows throughout the house can create a pleasant breeze, while in the colder days you can open one window for just a couple of minutes. Another way to improve the air quality is to use air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters. Besides trapping fur, dander and other sources of bad smell, these filters will reduce dust mites and other allergens.

Absorb bad smells and freshen up the air

DIY deodorizers are great for getting rid of pet smells and you can make them out of the items you already keep in your kitchen and spray them on beds, carpets, pet beds and everywhere else in the house. To make a deodorizer, you can either mix baking soda with water or plain vinegar with essential oils. Commercial air fresheners can make the air smell fresh and pleasant, but if you are not fond of such products, you can make an air freshener out of citrus peels, herbs of choice and water or vodka, and essential oils.

Your pets can’t stop producing the smells – it’s part of their nature – but there are some things you can do about it. If you stay on top of your household chores, groom your pet, and use some clever tricks, you will make your house smell as fresh as a daisy.


Monday 21st of August 2017

I have only been in one home where pet smells was a problem. She had a poodle that obviously used the living room as her bathroom. I went there only once. Thought I would throw up when I went in. I left shortly. How she and her husband could stand the odor I will never understand.

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