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Itchy Pet? Common Food Allergies and Symptoms in Pets

Did you know that food allergies are the third most common allergy in dogs and cats? Irritating itchy skin is a common symptom in dogs, as well as cats. Y’all know we have had our share of run-ins with Sallie and her severe allergies. Sallie’s allergies appear in the form of severe itching, which turns into hotspots and sores. This in turn leads to infections and requires antibiotics. It is an endless cycle!

Itchy Pet, Common Food Allergies and Symptoms in Pets

We know Sallie has all kinds of allergies and has always been treated for allergies, but now we are starting to think she is allergic to something in her food also! This led me to start researching common food allergies and symptoms in pets . While searching, I came across this infographic from Petco! It suggest the most common food allergies and the symptoms to watch for. If you have an itchy allergic pet that is having skin issues, ear problems, etc. it’s definitely worth looking into.

Robert Young

Tuesday 4th of August 2020

Very interesting with always being told that my dog had outdoor allergies and I could never get him anymore help with it other then the things his vet told me to do for him and nothing seemed to work but after reading this it makes a lot of sense about food allergies and I will have to start paying more attention to what all he exactly he eats .

Does Your Dog Suffer From Allergies? - Miss Molly Says

Wednesday 4th of December 2019

[…] allergies are also called food allergies. Dogs that suffer from ingested allergies often react to beef, chicken, pork, corn or wheat in dog […]


Friday 28th of April 2017

If this is true, my cat has food allergies. I have numerous food allergies myself, and there is more I can't eat than I can. I've been trying my cat on wheat-free and dairy-free, and he quit throwing up after every meal. What's frustrating is that my vet has food allergies too, and when I told her I thought my cat did, she blew it off saying no, because it's prescription food. I'm going to have to go with my own instincts and do without them anyway. This article will help several people and their pets.


Thursday 22nd of October 2015

I knew a lot of this, though the order of the allergens surprise me. I work in a vet clinic and, though every pet is an individual, advise people to choose dog foods without wheat, barley, or dye, and cat foods without fish, dairy, or dye. Those are the most common food allergies we deal with in the pet population in general. When the allergies are more severe, then we start looking at specific proteins and diet changes for that pet in particular. Some great information!

Two French Bulldogs

Thursday 8th of October 2015

Sounds like some good info Lily & Edward

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