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Morris the Cat from 9Lives Shares Grooming Tips for Cats! Live Well & Prospurr!

Hey everybody! Have y’all been puttin’ Morris’s grooming tips for cats into action? Mind ya, I’m just a dog, but I’ve been doing my best to look spiffier! Can’t let my cat friends out do me now can I? They have all been takin’ advice from Morris the Cat and they are lookin’ smart and sassy lately! Go back and check out all the good grooming advice for cats and the ‘meows of wisdom‘ we have posted about. But seriously folks, we have now come to the final edition of “Dear Morris,” in which the coolest cat on earth showers us with pearls of wisdom… and a few hairballs.

Morris the Cat from 9Lives Shares Grooming Tips for Cats!

If you haven’t yet entered Morris’s good-grooming giveaway, now’s the time! As the star of the iconic 9Lives cat food commercials, he knows how to live large, and he wants all the humans to enjoy celebricat treatment as well–that’s why he’s giving away a super-soft, human-sized, 9Lives-branded bathrobe, a $300 Spa Finder gift card, and a whole year’s supply of 9Lives cat food! (That last one’s for your cats.) Enter at his website.

Meanwhile, let’s check out these Grooming Tips for Cats from Morris the Cat!

Morris the Cat from 9Lives Shares Grooming Tips for Cats!

Dear Morris,

Lately I’ve been looking slightly less than my best, which is unfortunate because I just started a new job and I wanted to make a good first impression. But instead, my eyes are all puffy and I just haven’t been my chipper self. I’m not sure how to get out of this style rut. Morris, can you help me get my grooming groove back?


Fashion Faux-Paw

Morris the Cat from 9Lives Shares Grooming Tips for Cats!

Dear Fashion Faux-Paw,

Let me shed some light (and some fur) on this situation. The main thing I took away from your question is that you’re STRESSED! Starting a new job can be stressful and can lead to falling out of typical routines and lack of sleep. I should know because every time I start shooting a new commercial, I only sleep 15 hours a day instead of 16. But don’t despair! There’s one failsafe way to calm those nerves and give you back your glow. I’m talking about a massage, specifically a kitty massage. We kitties LOVE to give massages–well, we think of it more as kneading but you humans don’t seem to know the difference. A kitty massage will help you relax, and in turn, feel and look better. Plus, it’s purr-ty much impossible to feel stressed when you have the love of a cat.

Morris the Cat from 9Lives Shares Grooming Tips for Cats!

There you have it! Thank you, Morris the Cat, for sharing this invaluable grooming advice. Readers, how many of you have a good-looking, well-groomed feline at home? 


Thursday 24th of November 2016

Love all the adorable pictures and sayings with the cats. When our one cat kneads on my legs I often think hes just trying to make his bed ( my leg) situated enough so he can lay down and rest on it.


Thursday 11th of August 2016

I loved reading this post! The very last photo ("I hold tension in my lower tail") got a real giggle-fit out of me. My younger cat, Sam, CRAVES attention and affection from me. When I give him little massages and get at his kitty shoulder blades, I'll say "And ~this~ is where you carry all your tension!" ...Oh, my. Cat people! :p (And, dog people! Animal people!)

sheila ressel

Thursday 2nd of June 2016

Love Morris! The letter and reply is hilarious and the cat massaging the other one is so cute!

Sarah L

Sunday 10th of April 2016

That is very cute. I used to give my kitty massages. Miss her.

Ireon Williams

Sunday 10th of April 2016

Cute and funny

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