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Natural Balance Dental Chews Dog Treats Review

For us pups we have trouble with plaque and tartar buildin’ up on our teeth. When that happens, not only can it cause us medical issues, it can cause us to have stinky breath. To help us keep our pearly whites clean, my Lady lets us have a dental chew everyday. But, dental chews don’t have to be dull and borin’. Some of em can be quite tasty!


We got a chance to try some of the Natural Balance Dental Chews from the folks the other day. These new Natural Balance Dental Chews Sweet Potato & Chicken Meal Formula with Mango Dog Treats are anything but boring! These chews were mighty tasty!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Natural Balance Dental Chews Sweet Potato & Chicken Meal Dog Treats:

Around here Miss Molly and the pack love their dental chews. They usually enjoy them once a day to help keep the tartar on their teeth under control. I also like the fact that their dental chews help freshen breath. With 7 pups here, you can only imagine the stinky breath! Since all the pups love sweet potato and chicken, I thought the Natural Balance Dental Chews Sweet Potato & Chicken Meal sounded like something they would enjoy.

The Natural Balance Dental Chews are scientifically formulated to encourage your dog’s natural chewing instinct, to help support healthy teeth and gums. The dental chews were good sized and the one thing that I noticed set them apart from others was their chewiness. The Natural Balance Dental Chews were crunchy, but at the same time had a chewy factor to them. Unlike other dental chews that they crunched up and swallowed, the chewiness caused them to chew longer and in turn was better for their teeth.

It was a nice day outside, so I decided to take the bag of Natural Balance Dental Chews with us for our outside play time. After a bit of play and a chance to burn off some energy, they could relax and enjoy one. I let them run and play a while and then I called them over. While I didn’t think the dental chews smelled all that great, apparently the pups have a different sense of smell! One whiff and they were all excited to try them! We thought you might enjoy the pics!


After opening the bag, it didn’t take them long to come running. Big Ozzy was the first in line so he got his first, while Maggie and Brandi watched intently.


Maggie was next up, with Brandi getting a close up smell. By then Seager had made it my side also. They were doing really well staying in line.


Brandi finally got hers, followed by Seager who was waiting patiently.


By then, Sallie had made it to me for her dog treat. Of course Little bit was still jumping.


Of course, Miss Molly isn’t missing out! She’s the official taste tester! And, there’s Little Bit getting more and more impatient! She was jumping and asking – “where’s mine?”.

I saved Little bit for last because I had to break her off a piece and not allow the whole treat. The dental chews we had are made for medium to larger dog (25-50 pounds). Little Bit is a tiny little thing at around 10 pounds and would not have been able to tackle it. I’ll have to get her a bag of her own of the smaller ones! She just barely weighs enough to have the Natural Balance Dental Chews. They are not suitable for puppies or dogs weighing less than 5 pounds, hence the reason for not giving a whole one.

Mom Approved – Sealed with Pups Paws Up!

I can feel good about giving a dog chew that is grain free and made in the USA. I also love that the dental chews support healthy teeth and gums and are great for their breath. And, as I said, I really liked that the slight chewy texture made the pups chew longer!

Benefits in a Nutshell:

  • Helps reduce plaque & tartar – unique grooves encourage healthy chewing action and the removal of plaque & tartar
  • Easy to digest – formulated to support easy chewing and digestion
  • Helps freshen breath – the mechanical chewing action helps remove plaque & tartar that may cause bad breath
  • With antioxidant nutrient – Vitamin C, a key antioxidant nutrient, is added to help support immune function
  • Made in the USA!

Available in Sizes:

  • Small to Medium Breed: For adult dogs 5-25 pounds
  • Medium to Large Breed: For adult dogs 25-50 pounds

Where to purchase

If your little furry friend would love to try Natural Balance Dental Chews Dog Treats, you can find them at!

Connect with

For more information about Natural Balance Dental Chews visit Fan them on Facebook and follow on Twitter! You don’t want to miss out on all their yummy pet treats, dog food and more from

I was provided with the product above from No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions stated here are 100% my own.


Thursday 2nd of April 2020

Sounds like this is just the thing those bite happy dogs need.


Monday 3rd of December 2018

Neat, definitely need to keep close attention to dental health of dogs.. and cats similar treats for them too


Sunday 3rd of December 2017

My doge love these also,.......however I do not see on the bag where it says they are made in the USA. I don't want my dogs eating anything from china, so I am concerned about this. It just says that they are made for Natural balance, but not where they are made.


Sunday 15th of October 2017

Will have to check these out. We feed our dogs a dental chew every single day. The vet says they're working!


Saturday 31st of October 2015

Great review, my dogs would love these treats.

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