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Owning Your First Horse? 4 Care Tips You Might Not Know About

First-time horse owners can continue doing their research even after they’ve brought home their new friend. Knowledge from the initial experience has already come, but there will be many details you hadn’t considered. Here are four care tips to help you get a great start.

Owning Your First Horse 4 Care Tips You Might Not Know About

Hoof Health

Foot health practically equals horse health. Take the time to inspect their feet regularly. Pick out the mud, stones, and other debris that can lead to infections. Watch your horse walk around. Are they favoring one leg? The first thing to check is their hoofs. This will help you find problems before they grow into serious issues. Use the services of a farrier who can trim hoofs back as well as shoe the horse.


Depending on your region, your horse may need vaccinations twice a year. It’s up to you whether you prefer taking your horse to the vet or having the vet come to your stable. One of the problems which these vaccinations protect your horse from is Equine Infectious Anemia (or EIA). Without vaccinations, your horse won’t be allowed to go where other horses are, like trails and shows.

Proud Flesh

Proud flesh is an issue that sometimes develops after a horse is wounded by rolling, rubbing, or other activities. It’s also known as exuberant granulation tissue or over-granulation. Treatment for proud flesh is a well-established procedure and milder cases can be taken care of at home. Inspecting your horse daily will help you identify possible problems and take care of them before they become worse.

The Element of Time

First-timers don’t understand the time commitment involved until they experience it directly. Commit yourself, and be ready to adjust your expectations so you can provide the care your horse needs. This includes details like stall cleaning, hoof care, and good quality feed. Exercise is essential for such muscular animals. They are social creatures and enjoy interacting with people and other horses.

You are your horse’s first-line protection against infections and disease. You can continue to learn more about your horse as time goes by. You can become familiar with their personality. You’ll learn to predict their behavior and spot problems when they first appear.

Owning a horse is an incredible opportunity that needs to be done correctly. This is how a long-lasting relationship begins. With learning and experience, you can become the responsible horse owner your horse can trust.

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Christina Gould

Tuesday 11th of June 2019

The horse in the photo is beautiful. We had a pony growing up, but I sure wish I had a horse. Thanks for posting!

Angela Saver

Saturday 1st of June 2019

I enjoyed learning more about horses.

Cassandra D

Friday 31st of May 2019

Thank you for the information.

Debbie P

Thursday 30th of May 2019

I would love to own a horse. This was a great article regarding horse ownership. With any pet it take money and also lots of time with that pet.

LeAnn Harbert

Thursday 30th of May 2019

These are all good tips to keep in mind before getting a horse.

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