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Release the Hounds! 5 Tips to Make Your Adventures Dog-Friendly

Adventures can be more fun when you have your canine buddy with you. Their curiosity can help you see things you’d pass right by if you didn’t have your canine companion by your side. There are steps you can take to make your adventures dog-friendly so that you and your dog can enjoy some amazing, memory-making moments together. 

Release the Hounds 5 Tips to Make Your Adventures Dog-Friendly

Socialize Your Dog 

Socialization is an important skill to teach a new puppy.

If you’ve adopted an adult dog that hasn’t had socialization training you may have to teach it some social skills or general manners.

You’re likely going to encounter other people and dogs on some of your adventures and you want your dog to be comfortable greeting and interacting with them. 

Acclimate Your Dog 

Just as with socialization, it’s easiest if you have the opportunity to begin acclimating your dog to traveling when it is young.

However, adult dogs can quickly learn the joy of a car ride.

Begin by taking your dog on short trips to fun places. Reward them with treats.

You can lengthen the car ride as your dog adjusts to traveling

Dog-friendly Cars 

An ideal way to make your adventures dog-friendly is to have a car that accommodates your dog’s travel needs.

When you’re looking at cars for sale, consider what features make a vehicle dog-friendly.

You’ll also want to consider the type of adventures you and your dog will be going on.

You’ll need ample space for a carrier and supplies if you plan to take long journeys together. 

You can also consider various pet accessories that make cars pet-friendly like dog seat belts, car seats, harnesses, and more.

Planning an Adventure 

It’s essential that you do some planning before loading up your dog and heading out for an adventure.

Be sure you know the rules or restrictions before you take your dog there.

You’ll want to know where pet-friendly lodging is available if you plan a vacation adventure with your dog. 

Don’t forget to take plenty of food, water, waste bags, and a pet first aid kit.

If you bring along the right supplies, you’ll be ready for anything.

Fun Adventures 

You can turn an ordinary event into a dog-friendly adventure without traveling very far.

Load up the dog and meet with friends and their dogs for coffee and a walk or a weekend brunch picnic in the park.

Make regular trips to a local dog park to see your dog’s favorite playmates.

Visit friends that have canine playmates for your dog. Always be on the lookout for new pet-friendly events in your area. 

Dogs can make any adventure more exciting. Don’t leave them out of your leisure activities.

Together, you can create memories and happy moments for everyone involved.

The Importance of Socializing Your Dog - Miss Molly Says

Thursday 23rd of January 2020

[…] Introducing your dog to other people is usually fairly easy unless your dog has a behavioral problem. If the dog is nervous around people, advise your friends to approach the dog cautiously and slowly, emitting a friendly voice and demeanor. A little time sitting in your house with your dog will mean the dog will relax with this person. […]


Monday 4th of February 2019

We're lucky that both of our dogs do really well in the car. I always run into issues on vacations though where hotels won't accept our dogs because one of them is large. It's hard to find one that does!

Angela Saver

Monday 4th of February 2019

Great tips!Our pup loves socialization with people and other dogs! He loves going on even short trips.

Christina Gould

Saturday 2nd of February 2019

Our dogs love, love, love to go on rides. Thanks for posting!

Christina moore

Saturday 2nd of February 2019

Thank you for the tips

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