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Somebody upset my Lady about her animal rescue work!

I think somebody done went and upset my Lady! She seems to be in a tizzy ’bout somethin’ to do with her shelter furcritters and the animal rescue work she does! I know my friends in the animal jail are in a bad way and she tries to help em. I’m glad I never had to do no time in that place. It was bad enough just roamin’ ’round til I found my Lady. I know I’m not a real purdy thing with all my freckles, but my Lady didn’t seem to mind none and took me right on in off the street! I was real lucky! ‘Nuff ’bout me though, let’s go find out what’s eatin’ at my Lady!

I’m gonna let my Lady do the talkin’!

I recently had someone ask me why post those sad pictures of animal cruelty cases or the dogs on a euthanasia list. They didn’t stop there. They went as far as to say, it did no good. I beg to differ with them! I agree the pictures are not always easy to look at. And it seems the endless amount of animals needing help and rescued seems insurmountable. But, we do have success stories of animals finding fosters, adoptions and permanent homes!

Quite simply put, we do what we do for the love of the animals. Without our voice and sharing these helpless animals would  literally have no hope. There are hundreds of animals put down each day in high kill shelters. By sharing what we can of those in need, they are at least given a chance of a happy ending. We have had individuals step up and volunteer fostering or adoption. We also attract the attention of rescue organizations that can step in and take them. In some, not all, cases we can arrange transport if needed. These lives are saved from simply using our voice and sharing to get the word out.

Sometimes it’s too late on cruelty cases and these are some of the hardest pictures to look at. We post in hopes someone, somewhere, may recognize the animals or know something about it and will step forward. This could be a big help in finding their abusers and bringing them to justice for the cruelty they imposed or the life they took.

While animal rescue work takes a strong love of animals, it is not for the faint of heart. Our time in the trenches and seeing hundreds of these homeless and unfortunate animals daily, takes a toll. But, for their sake, we trudge on.

How can we help in animal rescue?

Spay and Neuter your pets!

This is an important first step to solving the problem of an over abundance of animals.


If you are able, fostering a pet in need makes room for another in the shelter and could very well save a life!

Adopt – don’t shop!

This also saves the life of not only the pet you adopt, but makes room for another to be cared for. There are wonderful furbabies waiting to give you unconditional love! For those that think they have to have a full blooded registered dog – what have you got? A name on a piece of paper? Unless you are going to be showing your animal or entering them into competitions where it is required, then all you have is a piece of paper to file away and never see.

I have a a full blooded dog that is not registered because I still have the paperwork. She was rescued from a backyard breeder that could no longer feed her and was surrendering her to the local shelter. I have had her spayed and have no desire for the piece of paper.


Can you spare a little time to volunteer at your local shelter? A little human interaction goes a long way – walk the dogs, play with the puppies and kittens, help serve their food? And, yes there are smellier jobs if you are willing 🙂


It doesn’t have to be money! Local humane shelters need things like newspaper, paper towels, soaps and cleaning supplies, dog shampoos, blankets, towels, toys for the animals, etc.

Participate in sharing a status for an animal in need!

While it cost nothing, some may think it is asking a lot. But, even if you can’t help, that doesn’t mean your voice and your share won’t count. It may very well be the share that saves a life!

Shelter life is a hard life on any animal and takes a lot out of them. Puppies and kittens usually don’t survive long in shelters because of contacting illnesses. And, just think about living out your life in a cage – it breaks my heart! It is my hope that some day all animals will have their own human that will love them. It is also my hope that there is an end put to all kill shelters! The starting point is SPAY AND NEUTER ALL pets!

Not seeing it, not thinking about it and pretending it doesn’t exist may work for some and you can live happily in a pretty world. Meanwhile, the suffering and death continues. It’s not a pretty world. As a matter of fact, it’s quite ugly. But, it does exist! It’s a world I live in daily and it’s going to take speaking out to make it better!

Finally, and again, for the those that have asked why share the sad and ugly pictures – simply said – it’s to help save a life. It may seem like we are losing more lives than saving at the moment, but giving up isn’t an option. Giving up and doing nothing is a sure death sentence for them all! If I can help save just one, then that is one precious life that will get to be lived!



Sunday 2nd of February 2020

Have volunteer at the local shelter, also adopted a cat.

Donna Thacker

Tuesday 15th of April 2014

I get the same thing for sharing and crossposting dogs in need. If one single share might help a dog find a home, then I am going to push that share button. Keep up the great work!

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