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Super Durable and Adaptable Luxury Car Seat Cover from 4Knines

Keep Your Back Seat Protected and Your Best Friend Comfortable with 4Knines Car Seat Cover!

Hi!  My name is Bean!  I’m a friend of Molly’s but mom says we are internet buddies, whatever that means.  I’m a Border Collie puppy and my mom says I don’t like riding in the car.  I really didn’t until she put in this wicked cool Car Seat cover from 4Knines just for me.  (In case you didn’t know, wicked means good up here in New Hampshire.)  I like it because I don’t slip around when mom goes around the corners too fast.  The only thing is, I only remember my trip to that place that smells like other dogs and medicine.  I’m not sure why I don’t remember the trip home, I must have been really sleepy!  Oh, my sister, Kirek has her pretty pics here too!

Car Seat Cover by 4Knines

Dogs are our best friends and we love to take them EVERYWHERE. 

The only problem is up here in the New England Winters, it’s impossible to keep the seat dry. 

Those wet paws make it slippery and muddy and my son hates riding in the back with his friends after we have taken the dogs for a ride. 

I was excited when I found out about the 4Knines Split Car Seat Cover! 

I’ve had a few other car seat covers, but none ever lasted very long and weren’t durable enough for our German Shepherd.

4Knines Split Car Seat Cover

About 4Knines:

Founded in Arizona by Jim and Maggie, 4Knines covers were designed with their rowdy two Dobermans, Ares and Ana, in mind! 4Knines offers luxury car seat covers and cargo liners that make traveling with your furry best friend easier by protecting your car from fur, dirt, claw marks, drool, and the dreaded accident.

4Knines covers are made to last and are backed by a no-hassle Lifetime Warranty and exceptional customer service. They have been selling covers in the US since 2014 and have expanded to Canada. You can find the information about their story and products at or on 4Knines is committed to supporting a variety of animal advocacy organizations.

4Knine Car Seat Cover

My Favorite Features:

  • Easy to install.  Once you open the package, just place the cover on the seat, rubber side down, loop the straps over the headrest, and tighten if needed.  The side of the seat cover anchors into the crease of the seat!  That’s it!  Super easy and super durable!
  • The 4Knines Car Seat cover is durable and waterproof! If your pup gets car sick or has an accident, just vacuum and hand wash with a damp cloth.  You can put it in the washing machine and then let air dry.
  • Fitted for Split Rear seat- you can even use the middle section cup holders! Just open the zipper and seat belt open to use the middle seat belt.
  • Has velcro seat belt openings.  This is a big plus- previous car seat covers I have had were only hammocks and didn’t have any seat belt openings. This car seat cover is perfect to take your furry kids along to your kid’s soccer practice!  The cover keeps your seat clean from muddy cleats and muddy paws!
  • Our pup’s favorite feature is the non-slip backing.  They can ride in comfort and not slip across the seat when someone takes the corners a bit too fast!
4Knine Split Car Seat Cover

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of the 4Knines Car Seat Cover! 

It’s made of heavy-duty fabric, looks great in my car and the dogs love it.  It’s even easy to clean! 

If that isn’t enough, they back their product with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

If you are a dog lover and owner and have a vehicle, be sure to get your own cover on Amazon!

4Knines Split Car Seat Cover

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Dorothy Boucher

Saturday 28th of November 2020

I love how easy this car seat cover is to set up , and really like that I can use it in my smaller vehicle and also have this in the truck. @tisonlyme143

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