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The Best All-Natural Dog Chews from Pawstruck!

Did someone say dog chews? Now, you’re speakin’ my language! Actually, I can speak for all the pups out there! There ain’t nothin’ better than gnawin’ on a good ole bully stick or pig ear WOOF! Since the weather turned cool, we ain’t had nothin’ but rainy days which means we are layin’ up in the house bein’ bored. That is until my Lady got us a fresh batch of All-Natural Dog Chews from Pawstruck!

The Best All-Natural Dog Chews from Pawstruck #dogchews #bullysticks #naturaldogtreats

The dog chews from Pawstruck are our favorites! Of course, they are ‘mom-approved’ too. You know nothing gets past my Lady that isn’t good for us WOOF! All I know is they are WOOFALICIOUS! Right now, she is passin’ out bully sticks so lemme hurry and get in line for mine. I will let her tell you more about them!

Here’s my Lady to tell ya more ’bout Pawstruck Dog Chews

It is important to me as a pet parent to keep my pups healthy and happy. About now, you may be thinking that dog chews certainly make them happy but how are they beneficial to their health? Bully sticks and dog chews are a great way for dogs to clean their teeth of plaque buildup. However, long-lasting dog chews are also great for mentally stimulating your dog. It may not seem like it, but all that chewing action is an exercise in itself. It helps your dog expend pent-up energy, helps with boredom, and is great for teething puppies.

Miss Molly and the pack love the dog chews from Pawstruck! Pawstruck dog chews are all-natural, grain-free and have none of the yucky stuff like artificial flavors, preservatives, etc.

Doberman mix puppy enjoying a Pawstruck bully stick

We have dogs of all ages in the pack, but we recently added a little Doberman mix named Lily. She is only 4 months and teething – yep, just like a baby. Pawstruck dog chews are perfect for her to cut teeth on and save the furniture and shoes from destruction. Need I say more? 🙂

Beagle enjoying an all-natural bully stick from Pawstruck

On another note, we have a little beagle that is on restricted crate rest. He had the dreaded heartworms when we rescued him and is now in treatment. The dog chews from Pawstruck are amazing at keeping him mentally stimulated while providing a form of exercise from the chewing.

Whether the newly adopted girl, bored pup on restricted crate rest, or the rambunctious middle-agers of the group, all the pack simply LOVE their Pawstruck dog chews!

Let’s take a look at a few of the pack’s favorite Pawstruck Dog Chews!

Pawstruck Jumbo Bully Stick Variety Pack

Pawstruck Ultimate Bully Stick Variety Pack

Bully sticks are always a winner with the pups whatever shape they come in! When ordering it is sometimes hard to decide which ones they would like best. Now, you don’t have to choose! Miss Molly and the pack love getting this Bully Stick Variety Pack! It has a variety of 17 bully sticks inside! The package says it is perfect for medium-sized dogs, but my giant breed dogs and even the littles, as I call them (less than 10 lbs.) love chewing away on these too!

Pawstruck’s bully sticks are 100% natural. They have none of the yucky stuff such as harsh chemicals or artificial preservatives. Pawstruck starts with the finest beef and then roasts each bully stick in its own natural juices. As a pet parent, you will love that they remove as much moisture as possible to ensure they are as low odor as possible.

Gnawing on bully sticks is not just fun for your pup. Bully sticks have a dental benefit too! Chewing and gnawing on the tasty sticks is a natural way to keep your pup’s teeth and gums free of nasty tartar and plaque buildup!

Heeler-Pittie mix enjoying a bully stick from Pawstruck

With the Bully Stick variety pack, you can get a sampling of seven different styles of healthy dog chews. This way, you can find out which style your pup loves best.

Bully Stick Variety Pack includes:

  • 3 – 9″ Straight Bully Stick (Medium Thickness)
  • 3 – 7″ Straight Bully Stick (Large Thickness)
  • 3 – 5″ Straight Bully Stick (Large Thickness)
  • 2 – 7″ Braided Bully Stick
  • 2 – Bully Stick Ring
  • 4 – Bully Stick Spring

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Includes 17 total Bully Sticks
  • 6 Different Bully Stick Types
  • Natural with no preservatives or chemicals
  • Sourced from grass-fed & free-range cattle
  • Healthy & highly palatable
  • Promotes dental hygiene & cleanliness
Pawstruck Pig Ears

Pig Ears for Dogs

One of the pack’s very favorite treats is pig ears so much so that it is their birthday treat when anyone in the pack has a birthday! The pig ears from Pawstruck are the perfect tasty treat! Pawstruck Pig Ears are actual pigs’ ears from actual pigs – nothing artificial about them! These slow-roasted tasty chews are healthy all-natural pork that is fully digestible. As an added bonus, the pig ears contain cartilage, which is a natural source of glucosamine, which can support joint health.

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Made in the USA
  • Oven baked to lock in tasty pork flavor
  • Natural, highly palatable, & 100% digestible
  • Great alternative to traditional rawhide treats
Pawstruck Beef Tendon Chews

Pawstruck Beef Tendon Dog Chews

Miss Molly and the pack LOVE the Pawstruck Beef Tendon Dog Chews! These chews feature only one ingredient – beef tendon, making them a healthy and natural choice. There are NO additives or artificial flavors. It is just pure natural deliciousness your dog will love. The tasty beef tendon chews last for a good long time of chewing, so they are the perfect treat for an afternoon of chewing!

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Single ingredient dog chew
  • All natural dog treat
  • High in protein, low in fat
  • Free-range, grass-fed beef
  • 100% digestible
Pawstruck Beef Jerky Esophagu Straps

Pawstruck ‘Joint Health’ Beef Esophagus Jerky Chews

These tasty Beef Esophagus Jerky Chews from Pawstruck offer a ton of health benefits for your pup. They are a natural source of chondroitin, which helps support your dog’s joint health. But, you may be asking, exactly what are they are? Well, just as it says, they are beef esophagi which sounds kind of gross to me, but dogs LOVE them! These tasty treats are a crunchy jerky-type chew. They don’t last as long as the bully sticks, tendons, or pig ears but they make up for it in taste – according to the dogs that is 🙂  And, of course, these tasty treats have NO artificial flavors, preservatives, substances, or hormones whatsoever.

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • About 10″ long
  • Single ingredient dog treat
  • High in chondroitin
  • Sourced from free-range, grass-fed beef
  • 100% natural with no additives
Heeler-Pittie mix enjoying a bully stick from Pawstruck

As you can see, Miss Molly and the pack thoroughly enjoy their Pawstruck dog chews! As a dog mom, I love that the dog chews are all-natural, and have no preservatives or artificial ingredients. The dog chews provide a variety of benefits that anyone with a dog would love to reap! The exercise from the chew action provides not only dental benefits but mental stimulation that in itself can solve dog behavior problems. Everyone can guess the chewing from a teething puppy, but sometimes dogs will chew out of boredom. Providing them with an alternative such as these all-natural dog chews from Pawstruck can help!

Visit Pawstruck today to browse the large variety of dog chews available. There are sizes and shapes for all dogs. And, if you can’t decide which ones to get, check out the Pawstruck Ultimate Bully Stick Variety Pack! We love the variety it has and it will give your pup a chance to decide which chew is their favorite!

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Christina Gould

Monday 10th of February 2020

I've never heard of this brand. Our dogs would love these. Thanks for posting!

Regina Delph

Sunday 2nd of February 2020

Thanks for the recipes .my dogs stomach is very sensitive

jason jennings, Sr.

Thursday 30th of January 2020

my dogs would love them

Shannon Holmes

Saturday 18th of January 2020

These sound like good treats for dogs. Thanks for your review.


Thursday 16th of January 2020

My dogs love pig ears and bully sticks. We have stopped giving our dogs rawhide.

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