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The Best Ways to Aid Your Dog’s Long-Term Mobility

Over time, it’s not at all uncommon for dogs to develop mobility problems. Part of this is the natural aging process that all dogs go through.

But that process can also be exacerbated and made worse by other factors.

If you want to make sure that your dog stays mobile and active for as long as possible, there are some things you can do to ensure that, so read on and learn about some of them.

The Best Ways to Aid Your Dog's Long-Term Mobility

Stay on Top of Paw Care

Sometimes it’s not the bones or the muscles that make it harder for a dog to stay mobile and active.

Sometimes, it all comes down to their paws.

If they’re not well looked after they might develop problems that make it less comfortable for them to walk.

And that’ll result in them not moving around as much and not able to be active each day.

Create an Exercise Routine

Having some kind of exercise routine that they can follow will help to make sure that they’re able to keep things consistent and make activity a habit.

If the amount of exercise they do is more haphazard and random, it won’t be anything that they see as the norm.

You want to make sure that they exercise the same amount week after week if possible.

Brown and white dog wearing a pink floatie swimming in a pool

Try Swimming

Swimming is something that can be really beneficial to dogs and their long-term mobility.

That’s because swimming is a low impact activity.

There’s not the same joint impact as when a dog runs and their paws hit the ground with each and every step.

So why not give swimming a try and we if it’s something they enjoy? There are supervised aqua aerobics sessions they can take part in.

Find Treats That Help Their Joints

There are treats out there for dogs that can help their mobility by supporting their hips and joints.

These are obviously too vitally important parts of the dog’s body as they make it possible for them to move their legs smoothly and without paying.

Try these hip and joint treats for dogs if you want to deliver those benefits to your dog.

Use them to replace unhealthier treats.

Senior Dachshund running on the grass

Avoid Excessive Portion Sizes

The amount of food you feed your dog from day to day can definitely impact how mobile they are in the future.

When you feed them excessive portion sizes and they become overweight, that then places more of a strain on their bodies and makes it harder for them to stay active.

So try to avoid excessive portions if possible. Sensible portions are what’s best for them in the end.

As you can see, there are lots of things that can be done to aid your dog’s long-term mobility and their movement.

Be sure to make the most of these ideas and avoid giving your dog too many unhealthy treats that result in them gaining weight.

After all, you obviously want your dog to be around and healthy for as long as possible.

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