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Top Tips to Help You Care for Momma Dog Before She Gives Birth

Caring for a pregnant dog properly is the key to a successful birthing process. Thorough care through the entire pregnancy and being properly prepared for the birth are crucial. Before your female delivers the pups, she will need a clean, nice and calm atmosphere. Also, she will need a good diet and a proper exercise routine. Finally, it is important to have proper prenatal vet care. Gestation is usually between 60 and 70 days, so you have that long to get set up to help deliver and take care of her and her pups. To add to that list, here is what else you can do to better care for your pup during this time.

Top Tips to Help You Care for Momma Dog Before She Gives Birth

Top Tips to Help You Care for Momma Dog Before She Gives Birth

Providing Initial Healthcare

If you believe that your dog is pregnant, then take her in to vet with the proper equipment like this one. Your vet will need to us an ultrasound, such as one from Keebovet, and perform x-rays. This way they can confirm pregnancy and count the number of expected puppies. It is important to know the number because if you’re expecting five and only three come out, you know there is an emergency situation, and she needs to be rushed to the vet. Also, it would be adviseable to have your dog checked for worms so that they don’t get passed onto her pups.

Keeping Your Pregnant Dog Healthy

Talk to your vet about prescription flea and tick treatments, and do not administer anything non-prescription. Your vet will probably prescribe a heart worm pill during the last trimester. For the first month of pregnancy, feed your dog a quality dog food brand. After the first month, you should switch to a quality puppy food and increase the amount of food you give her by around 25 percent. When she is in her last few weeks of pregnancy, you should increase her food another 25 percent. Make sure she gets regular exercise daily but go easier on her routine the last few weeks.

Keeping Your Dog Safe

Make sure she stays away from other dogs the last three weeks of her pregnancy. This includes other dogs you own, including the father. This eliminates fight and injury risks because her maternal instincts will kick in and make her more aggressive.

Keeping Your Dog Comfortable

You can buy or make a whelping box. The box should be long enough for her to stretch out in, and wide enough so no puppies get squished and can nurse. Also, make sure the walls are high enough to prevent the puppies from crawling out, but they should be low enough to allow her to move in and out freely.

This is essentially how to take care of your pregnant female dog. Your vet will be able to answer any other questions you might have. Finally, you should be ready to rush her to the vet in an emergency situation if any problems should occur. Congratulations on your new litter of puppies and follow up with your vet.


Friday 13th of April 2018

Important fact 's that are easily overlooked, thanks for sharing. All those dog breeders should know


Thursday 9th of March 2017

What a cute doggie! Awww, yes keeping your dog comfortable is a good one as I have been pregnant before! lol. Great tips!

Sarah L

Wednesday 8th of March 2017

Those are good tips. I never had a dog that wasn't spayed so never had this.

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