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West Paw’s Strolls Leash with Comfort Grip is Strong and Durable

Us pups love taking long walks. There are always tons of new smells to sniff and interesting things to see. But, before we leave our fenced in yard, my Lady always puts a strong leash on us. She says it is to keep us safe! It’s not a big deal cause we like bein’ by her side WOOF! She sure is ticky about our leashes though. She has to inspect em just like she has to read the fine print on our treat packages. I guess it’s just a fur Mom thing. But, we got a new West Paw’s Strolls Leash with Comfort Grip the other day and she has been gushin’ over it ever since!

West Paw Strolls Leash with Comfort Grip is Strong and Durable

I’ve never been on the holding end of the leash so I don’t know ’bout the comfort part. All I know is it gets hooked to our collar or harness and off we go. Lemme fetch my Lady to tell ya ’bout our new Strolls Leash!

Here’s what my Lady says about the West Paw Strolls Leash

Leashes are something we know well in our home. Our pack includes 8 lovable furbabies with 6 of them being large breeds ranging from 118-132 lbs. Most of the time they are great on a leash. That is unless you are trying to direct them into the vet’s office, then you may have a struggle. We had a scare one time when Brandi managed to break the metal clasp on her leash at the vet’s office. It is right beside a busy highway and I went into high panic mode! After that scare, I am very particular about our leashes. I want to know my furbabies are safe! So, their leashes must have a HEAVY-DUTY clasp, strong material, and comfortable to handle. West Paw’s Strolls Leash with Comfort Grip checks all the boxes!

West Paw Strolls Leash

About the Strolls Leash with Comfort Grip

You will love the comfortable grip of the Strolls Leash! It is comfortable, flexible, and easy to hold. It can also stand up to daily use. You will also love that it fends off odors, mud, weather, and slobber! The waterproof coated webbing handle retains its nice smooth feel and lasts longer than leather or nylon.

West Paw Strolls Leash

The leash itself is made with hemp. Hemp is a material that been used for centuries to create strong ropes. It also features custom-designed hardware including a snap hook made of durable zinc. In addition, it has a utility loop for accessories and cross-body carry.

West Paw Strolls Leash clasp

West Paw’s Strolls Leash features in a nutshell:

  • Comfort grip handle is waterproof and feels good in the hand
  • Soft yet strong hemp is naturally anti-microbial and odor resistant
  • Light scissor hook in zinc is extra durable
  • Utility loop for accessories and cross-body carry

West Paw Strolls Leash

The Strolls Leash with Comfort Grip comes in 4 color combinations and 2 sizes. I chose the Greenery/Tangerine because I loved the bright fun colors.

Color choices:

  • Greenery/Tangerine
  • Goldenrod/Tangerine
  • Midnight Blue/Aqua
  • Mocha/Granny Smith

Available in 2 sizes:

  • Large – Length 66″ X Width 1″
  • Small – Length 72″ X Width 7.5″

West Paw Strolls Leash

We are thoroughly enjoying our Strolls Leash from West Paw! It is strong and sturdy plus the colors are bright and fun! If you are looking for a new leash for your best friend be sure and visit West Paw and take a look at the pawsome Strolls Leash with Comfort Grip!

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Dorothy Boucher

Saturday 12th of January 2019

I love the style of these, you really have to have a good leash when walking your dog, you just never know what could happen, I know my daughters dog is always trying to take off on her,I keep telling her to buy a better leash or collar. @tisonlyme143

Kelly Hanley

Wednesday 3rd of October 2018

Thanks for sharing this! Will have to tell this to my sister for her dog!

Trisha McKee

Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

I have two bulldogs, one 100 pound American Bulldog and a sixty pound hyper English Bulldog. The smaller bulldog tries to get out of her leash. I've been looking for reliable and durable. Thank you for this information. Looks like I found what I need.


Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

This seems like a really high quality leash.

rochelle haynes

Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

It looks nice and strong looking good

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