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Simple Solution 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter

Today’s discussion is being brought to you by me on behalf of Simple Solution 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter.

My cat friends are all meowin’ in excitement over a new kind a litter! Cats sure seem particular about what kind of litter is used in their inside potty. Humanz fuss over it a lot too! Now, my cat friends have a new litter called Simple Solution 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter and they are all a buzz about it!

If y’all ain’t heard about it yet, we wanted to tell ya the excitin’ news! Now, since I’m obviously not a cat and I don’t know much ’bout my cat friends potty habits, I’m gonna let my Lady tell ya ’bout it.


Here’s my Lady to tell ya about Simple Solution 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter

Simple Solution’s new 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter is designed with cats and cat parents in mind. At Simple Solution they know that cat parents want their homes to be free from odors. Simple Solution 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter is designed to stay odor free for 30 days!

They also know cat parents want the litter box to require very little maintenance, who wouldn’t? And, on top of that, the litter needs to be lightweight, easy to use and affordable. Most importantly, the cats must love it! That’s a tall order to fill! But, Simple Solution took the challenge and went to work on creating the perfect cat litter!


Simple Solutions is a clay litter. But, unlike other clay litters that are made of bentonite, Simple Solutions is made from pure attapulgite clay and has an exclusive odor-eliminating technology that permanently neutralizers odors. Simple Solutions 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter has a unique lightweight mineral that quickly attaches, absorbing moisture and odor from both urine and feces. It is 300% more absorbent than other traditional litters and because of this super absorbency, there is no scooping of urine clumps! What a time saver!

Simple Solution is lightweight. Compared to standard clay litters, it is about half the weight. It also has dual grip handles and an easy convenient pour spout. 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter is more cost effective than other litters. It last longer, therefore you purchase less litter. I’m sure everyone can appreciate that!


Our friend Daisy relaxing!

An advantage for both the kitties, and the cat parents, is that Simple Solutions cat litter is low dust, making it a great cat litter for anyone, or their cats, with allergies or asthma! It’s also great for their paws! It has a soft texture and is infused with aloe! Wow! Talk about pampering some paws!

Are you tired of cleaning up tracked cat litter? Well, Simple Solution has you covered on that too! Simple Solution 30 Day Cat Litter is less tacky than traditional clumping litters, meaning that it doesn’t stick to their paws as much. This, in turn, translates into less litter tracked across your floor! You will also enjoy the light fresh fragrance that keeps the litter box, and your home, smelling fresh.


Simple Solution 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter is a great solution whether you have one cat or a multi cat household! An odor free home, no scooping and less tracking leaves cat parents happy and our kitties are happy we can now spend more time serving their other commands!

In a nutshell: Benefits of 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter

  • Long lasting odor control
  • Super absorbent
  • no scooping of urine
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Low dust
  • Gentle on paws
  • Light fragrance
  • Less tracking

Purchase it!

If you would like to give Simple Solution 30 Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter a try, it is available in two sizes, 9 lbs. and 15 lbs. with a price range of $10.99 to $15.99. It can be found in the pet care section of Walmart stores, other retailers and online. 

Krista Cognat

Thursday 17th of October 2019

I wish I could find this litter again now having 7 cats of all sizes


Tuesday 16th of October 2018

I hadn't heard of this brand before. I will have to check this brand out


Friday 10th of August 2018

Good clumping litter, I bought this before. I wish price were better


Friday 8th of June 2018

Why did they quit making it?

Abigail Gibson

Wednesday 25th of October 2017

Both cats are absolutely gorgeous. And this cat litter looks like a great brand. Thanks for sharing.

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