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5 Necessary Things for Hiking with Your Dog

Do you find it enjoyable to go hiking with your dog? Yes, this activity is both fun and healthy but also dangerous if you are not prepared. Below, we’ll give you the appropriate information for what should be considered as you make to hike with your dog. 

Do you love hiking the Appalachian trail with a dog? Then, if you intend you and your dog to be excellent “hike companions,” follow these tips for camping with a dog. Your canine sidekick, when it comes to a hike, will require a lot of feeding and care if you want your hike to be successful. Always remember this is what you signed up for. That is why following these instructions will not only help you as a hiker but also create a perfect hike trail of a canine friend.

5 Necessary Things for Hiking with Your Dog

Here are some of the tips when it comes to hiking the long trail with a dog:

  1. Be Always Ready Before The Hike: Have a consultation with your vet concerning your furry friend’s health. Take time and train your puppy on its obedience for safety purposes.
  2. The Hike Gear for Your Pet: Have a dog size hiking gear that can serve efficiently in the woods. The equipment consists of a dog pack and the best leash for hiking with a dog.
  3. Consider Other Gears for a Hike: Some gears are considered essential to carry, like a puppy’s tent. Anything might happen in the woods, so go for a hike having been prepared.
  4. Water and Food Planning for the Hike: In the case of backpacking trips, it is essential to consider the puppy’s feeding, mainly if it will be carrying its backpack. Therefore, as you plan to be cautious in the order, you do not commit something that will leave you regretting.
  5. Be Careful With the Hike Trail Risks: Here is when you pay attention to the heat pathogens, plants, and the creatures.

Now let us expound further on the above points.

Be keen on your puppy’s age because to start; puppies are too young to carry heavy loads. It is also unwise to take a puppy for a hike for their immune system is still weak, and they can easily succumb to diseases. So, here are some of the critical areas to look at as you go to the vet before a hike:

  1. How Ready is Your Canine Friend (Physically)? It is the case where patience will pay. For the bones to be fully developed; you should wait for a year and a few months before going for a hike with your dog.
  2. What Kind of Medication Does Your Furry Friend Need? For outdoor destinations, it’s important to inquire about the preventative measures because your dog might unknowingly stumble and succumb to a disease.
  3. How Ready is Your Furry Friend’s Immune System? Depending on various factors, like the dog’s age or the vaccine schedule. Either way, it is upon the vet to advise you on the safest period to take your dog out for a hike. For further clarification, check this website.

The Significant Dog Pack

This gear is essential if you desire to go hiking with your dog. Most packs come in various shapes and sizes following your dog’s size. Adjust the straps to fit the dog’s neck. Do not pull it too tight or otherwise; you might cause breathing problems.

For training, begin by having your dog wearing an empty dog pack in the household and afterward in the walks. When having the backpack on is routine, then have a few pounds placed on each side. With time as you increase the load finally, you will reach the weight you were targeting. The factors that will affect your dog’s carrying ability is body health, size, and dog’s age. For more information, you can to visit your vet.

Other Important Goodies for a Hike

Here are some items that are important to carry as you go for a hike with your dog:

  •    Water Container: Having your dog hydrated is significant, that is why you need to bring fresh water that’s enough for you and your canine sidekick in a hike.
  •     Booties: They are used to give your furry friends paws protection from thorns snow and many other elements. This method requires one to be patient with the dog learning how to walk by them, and you will need to carry spare shoes.
  •       Dog Towel: You need to take a towel that you’ll use to wipe off your dog’s paws before it entering your tent or if your dog jumps in a pond of water, you’ll need a towel to dry it off.
  •       Nail Cutters. The paws of a dog can cause harm to the tent; therefore, it’s significant to have them trimmed and short.
  •       Safety Light: This device is mainly used for locating your dog in a hike during the early morning hours before sunrise or in the dark hours after sunset.
  •     Dog’s Fur: If the destination that you will be hiking the temperatures are low and your dog lacks thick hair, be sure to carry a blanket.
  •       Cooling Gear. This device is used if the area is hot and the dog is panting endlessly to cool off. Therefore, this wrap accessory should be of great use if the temperatures rise.


A dog is a man’s best friend; therefore, a hike has been one of the best ways of connecting with both your furry friend and mother nature. That’s why this article has taken the initiative to inform you of the tips for a hike. From the best leash for hiking with the dog to how to dress your furry friend with the backpack. 

With that, are you conversant with the best dog carrier for hiking? Leave your comments down below.

Author Bio: The author of this article, Chele, enjoyed most of her hike adventures exploring the Grand Canyon. Currently, she is on a camping tour on her van across America with her puppy Justin. Now Chele intends to share her experience concerning camping with a dog with everyone via various resources so that all can enjoy the bonding with Mother Nature together with man’s best friend.


Melissa Wenger

Wednesday 16th of October 2019

Great tips!

Mia E.

Tuesday 15th of October 2019

I have not taken my dogs on longer hikes but they enjoy quick local ones. I would certainly want to have everything on the list for longer adventures.

Dana Rodriguez

Tuesday 15th of October 2019

These are great tips. I really love the dog pack idea!

Lauryn R

Monday 14th of October 2019

These are great tips for hiking with your dog, thank you so much for sharing! You definitely have to be prepared when doing this, not just for yourself but for your dog as well.

Linda Manns Linneman

Sunday 13th of October 2019

Hiking with our dog sounds like a great idea. I never gave this a thought before. It is so important that we are prepared for them as well as ourselves. Thank you so much for sharing this

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