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5 Things That Annoy Your Pet

Undeniably, we love our pets a lot and are ready to do everything possible to please them. Unlike people, dogs and cats do not need luxurious accommodation, exclusive food, and similar things to feel happy.

Instead, a proper attitude, love, and attention can transform them completely, making them happy, joyful, and full of energy. 

It is said to admit that even experienced pet parents may have no idea of what makes their animals said and disappointed.

Consequently, they lose the bond, decreasing the chance to have a perfect relationship and friendship with the puppy or kitty. 

Do your kisses and hugs mean a lot to your pets?

You will be confused to discover that these are the things that annoy your animals and make them disappointed.

Check out the list of the most irritating human behavior patterns that may affect the mood of your dog or cat. 

5 Things That Annoy Your Pet

Getting on the Puppy’s Nerves

Even if you love your dog and take maximum care of its health and well-being, some of your activities can still annoy them.

Are you concerned about the cheap puppy food you are looking for?

No need to worry, as your furry friend will not get disappointed because of it.

Instead, the excessive kisses and hugs may play a cruel joke, making your pet avoid your presence.

Check out the five most unpleasant behavior patterns your dog hates and take maximum effort to avoid them. 

    • Face grabbing. There is hardly anyone who loves face grabbing, and your pet is not an exception. Provide the puppy with the personal space it needs and do not bother it often. 
    • Taking photos. We love taking cute pictures with our pets. However, it is sad to admit that dogs do not usually love being photographed. Therefore, you should not force your animal to stand still for too long unless you want to ruin your relations. 
    • Loud noises. Do you yell at your dog often? It is one of the reasons why your pet is sometimes afraid of you. Besides, it is inevitable to remember that the canine associates its owner with safety and protection, so you need to make maximum effort to help your dog trust you. Do not turn on the vacuum cleaner or other noisy devices when your pet is asleep. 
    • Interrupted sleep. Even if your dog looks cute and nice as it sleeps, it is not the reason to start hugging and kissing it. Just like people, dogs fall asleep when they are tired, so they strive to rest. Interrupting the experience may result in a bad mood, poor energy, and certain health problems you have never noticed before. 

Dog with funny hat

  • Dressing them up. Have you seen a nice photo of a dog dressed up in nice shoes and with a fashionable hat and decided to repeat it with your pet? Well, it may be the worst idea you’ve ever had, especially if you have never done it before. While some dogs will patiently tolerate you dressing them up, others will become stressed and nervous right away. Irrespective of the outcomes, do not forget to reward your pet, giving it a delicious treat.  

Unfortunately, this list can go on and on.

Thus, caring and loving pet owners should watch the behavior of their pets, learning their preferences.

As a result, you will get a unique chance to set a bond with your fluffy friend and make it love your presence.

Gray mad cat

What Irritates Your Kitten the Most?

No matter if you have a shy and quiet or bold and fearless kitten, it has a unique personality that does not resemble anyone else.

According to the triumph cat food reviews, feline preferences in food may vary a lot, depending on the breed, age, and some other factors.

However, there are still things that unite all the kittens, they are annoyed by specific things and human action. 

  • Interaction with water. Irrespective of the much information you can find about cats’ love of water, most felines hate getting wet. No matter if they need to be bathed or occasionally get under the rain, you will notice how much it may affect their mood. 
  • Improper attention. It is a well-known fact that kittens are exceptionally friendly, cuddly, and playful pets. However, they can be overwhelmed with too much attention. Make sure you provide the animal with personal space when it needs it. 
  • Boredom. Cat parents who do not provide their animals with the necessary attention and love may face significant problems. While some kittens will patiently wait for the love they need, others may start ruining your house to make you notice them. 
  • Loud noises. Similar to canines, felines are scared of loud noises. Dropping things, screaming, and yelling are the most common experiences that can make your cat nervous and scared. Make sure your pet has a safe, calm, and secure place to relax and rest in any situation. 

Surprised looking gray cat

Strong fragrances. As mentioned by the vets and animal experts, a cat’s sense of smell is a hundred times stronger than a human’s. Therefore, your kitten may get annoyed if you use too much perfume, hairspray, or any other product with a strong aroma. 

monique s

Wednesday 28th of April 2021

Mine does not like the loud noises for sure

Sarah L

Wednesday 28th of April 2021

Excellent points. I personally think that no one should yell at anyone unless it's to keep them out of danger. I know all my pets have hated strong smells (except perhaps a dog's love of dead fish)

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