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Here’s Why Your Pet’s Character May Resemble Yours

The notion that dogs resemble their owners has some merit. Some experts even suggest that dogs look like their owners in subtle and visible ways.

The personality of a dog mirrors that of its human friend.

It is also noted that pets, like humans, go through changes in personality throughout their lifetimes.

But really, how comparable is a pet’s character to that of its caregiver? And, why a pet’s character may resemble yours.

Is the human-animal relationship so deep that a pet may pick up on its owner’s character qualities and vice versa?

Here's Why Your Pet's Character May Resemble Yours

Pets and Personality

You’re likely to observe a weird occurrence of the mini-me syndrome at the playgrounds.

It could be a hairy hippie tethered to a small bundle of fur that seems like it goes to the same barbershop as its master.

Or it could be a posh lady carrying a well-groomed and somewhat classy dog.

People are more inclined to pick pets depending on their relationship with kids or whether they are hypoallergenic.

But a pet’s personality is equally vital, and chances are, the dog that captures your attention will have a lot to say about you.

Furthermore, persons with varied pet preferences may have distinct features and personalities.

For example, according to this Nuwber article, there’s a slight difference even between cat and dog lovers.

But Why Do Different Pet Owners Have Different Personalities?

Your pet does not have your genes, but they may look like you in the long run.

One argument for pet actions and character being so entwined with the ones of their owners is that individuals are likely to choose animals that suit their own lives.

For example, strong and macho people may choose ‘manly’ big dogs, while calm individuals choose quiet dogs.

Furthermore, with so many different pet breeds available, individuals choose pets that complement their personalities.

Here are five categories of people under the “Big Five Traits.”

Brown greyhound dog wearing a grey sweater

1.  Conscientious People

People with high degrees of thinking exhibit these personality qualities.

These folks are detail-oriented and well-organized in their interactions.

This personality trait may apply to you if you love having a defined routine and devoting time to planning it.

In a nutshell, you have a strong sense of responsibility and are very disciplined.

When compared to cat lovers, dog owners often seem to be more conscientious.

Personality Matches

  • When faced with a problem, people who devote themselves to a specific topic become specialists and are more inclined to like canines such as Greyhound and Chow Chow. These folks enjoy discovering new things and can always go on and on about topics they are enthusiastic about. They adore pets who appear uninterested yet are intelligent.

Black and white border collie in a play bow

2. Open

Openness is a characteristic honest people share.

They have a lot of creativity and are very critical.

Abstract thinking is usually poor in anyone with lower levels of this attribute.

People with a high level of openness, on the other hand, are continuously looking for new challenges—this is a common characteristic of an average cat owner.

According to some research, pet lovers who enjoy cats are 11% more likely to share this attribute.

They are incredibly creative despite their unconventional thinking.

Personality Matches

  • Transparent folks may like lovable and calm pets. Furthermore, their pets are calm and relaxed as well. Despite their inclination to mind their own business, such creatures are always on the lookout. Individuals who perceive things in a different light and surround themselves with significant objects and individuals may choose cats and dogs like a Border collie and Shiba Inu.
  • Moreover, truth-seekers and leaders may like Tibetan Spaniels and Maltese. These furry friends will fight back for their pals even if they cannot speak for themselves. They may also be iron-willed and self-assured.

Closeup of a Pomeranian dog

3.  Neurotic People

While conscientious people are organized, neurotic individuals may get concerned about various issues.

Individuals with low neuroticism are emotionally unstable despite their ability to cope with stress.

On the other hand, high degrees of neuroticism might induce mood swings and irritability.

Cat lovers are more likely to exhibit this feature than dog lovers.

Personality Matches

  • A Pomeranian dog exemplifies this personality type. These pets, like cats, are curious, joyful, and loving. Pomeranians are likely to be a favorite for pet owners who love dogs over cats in this category. Such people are their own masters, possess limitless energy, and are enthusiastic about fresh concepts.

Beautiful black and tan German Shepherd

4.  Agreeable People

Agreeable people are really interested in others.

Furthermore, they are always willing to help people in need.

They are not afraid to contribute and assist others in finding joy or bliss.

In a nutshell, they care about others. Such people are full of goodness and generosity.

Dog lovers, as opposed to cat lovers, are more amiable.

Personality Matches

  • If you are always eager to volunteer and go out of your way to help others, you are a good fit for dogs like the Maltese and German Shepherd. These dogs like human connection and are quite clever. They are also constantly ready to serve their owners. Loyalty and obedience are two characteristics that distinguish such creatures.
  • If, on the other hand, you are always delighted to be a member of any group and cooperate reasonably with others, then a Greyhound and Akita may be a good combination for you. These pets are outgoing and have a friendly demeanor. Aside from their loyalty, they are pretty dependable.

White Bull Terrier

5.  Extroverted People

We know extroverts to be outgoing and express themselves emotionally more than introverts.

They are distinguishable for their assertiveness, talkativeness, friendliness, and excitability.

Furthermore, such folks feel more invigorated when chatting with others.

If you love being the center of attention, making new friends, and meeting new faces, you could be a dog person.

Personality Matches

  • Individuals who like being free and having fun are more inclined to select self-assured and confident pets. When everything is in order, these people are at their happiest. Dogs with similar personalities include the Bull Terrier and the Japanese Chin. Even though such dogs are tough to teach, they become simpler to manage with training.
  • Otherwise, enthusiastic achievers who like having fun while working hard are more likely to pair with gregarious, energetic, and lively canines. Pets that love moving around and frequently demand stimulation may be great for such persons. These dogs, such as the Harrier and the Beagle Bear, are an ideal fit for such persons.

Woman and her husky sitting on the grass


Attachment styles, or the establishment of emotional relationships, appear to differ between pet lovers.

This is not surprising considering the discovery that dogs and felines have various attachment kinds to their owners.

While dogs build secure relationships with their owners, cats’ connection to their owners varies.

Molli Taylor

Wednesday 6th of April 2022

this is important info. we forget the immense influence we have on our pets

Beyond Comps

Wednesday 6th of April 2022

I think my Yorkie is much more aggressive than me.

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