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6 Tips On How To Transport Your Pet In The Car

The summer season is now in full swing. Together with children and their parents, pets also travel out of town in the car. However, do you know the proper way to transport your pet in the car? Not everyone does.

Some pets may be frightened by the unusual surroundings and begin to panic, start barking loudly, biting, or even try to run away.

In order to avoid such situations, we have compiled for you a short list of 6 useful tips on how to transport your pet in the car safely.

6 Tips On How To Transport Your Pet In The Car

The vacation season is just underway, which means that many people are planning trips abroad.

UAE is a popular holiday destination, and recently the country has allowed entry for tourists even with two pets.

We suggest you take care of your comfort and safety beforehand.

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Hound dog riding in back seat of car

Set up a space in the car

The best way to transport a pet in a car is to use a specially designed carriage or cage.

There should be proper air ventilation, enough room for a pet to move, and a secure door.

Never leave your pet unbuckled in a moving car.

This can lead to accidents or serious injury for both a pet and a driver.

Although, if you can’t place the pet on the back seat of your car, you need to properly arrange a place in the trunk, and put a soft little mattress, or a plastic box for pet transportation.

Put your pet’s favorite things in the car

To make pets feel comfortable on trips, you can put their favorite things in the car.

By the way, it can be not only their toys but also, for example, their water bowl, pillow, or favorite blanket.

In this way, pets feel familiar with the new environment and experience less anxiety.

Beautiful dog look out the back of a vehicle

Give the animal time to get used to the car

Give your pet some time to get used to the car.

The most important thing to remember is not to put your pet in the car if he doesn’t want to do it at all.

This will only cause fear and anxiety.

A good way to make positive associations with your pet is to give him a favorite treat.

When your pet gets used to the car, take him for a short ride that will take less than 10 minutes.

By increasing the amount of time on each ride, pets will get used to being in the car and remain calm.

Get your pet vaccinated

Protect your pet from parasites beforehand.

Get all the necessary vaccinations and make sure that everything is written down in the pet’s passport.

Vaccinations against rabies, distemper, and other diseases should be done at least two weeks before the trip.

Do not forget to protect your pet from fleas and ticks a couple of days before the trip.

Prepare all the necessary things in case of pet motion sickness

Unfortunately, dogs could often get motion sickness, especially little puppies.

To prevent your pet from getting motion sickness in the car, don’t feed him several hours before the trip.

In case your pet is prone to motion sickness in the car it is worth seeing a veterinarian beforehand.

Only a qualified veterinarian can prescribe a remedy and the right dosage for your pet.

wo small children and 3 huskies riding in back of suv

Plan your stopping places

When planning your route, keep in mind that you have to make a couple of stops so that your pet can walk around for a while.

Mark in advance suitable places for stopping, so that you do not have to park the car on the side of the highway.

Most importantly, do not forget to clean up after your dog. In many countries, you may be given a fine.

We hope you find these tips useful for your future trips and that your pet’s transportation.

We wish you and your pet a pleasant trip!

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