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A Fur Parent’s Guide To Outdoor Containment Solutions

Being a fur parent might be one of the most rewarding things you could do in life, but it’s also tricky since extra care and work might be necessary. There’s plenty to learn about dogs, and it’s part of owners’ responsibility to learn as much as they could to love their pets better.  

Keeping your pets safe is one way you could care for them.

A Fur Parent's Guide To Outdoor Containment Solutions

Whether it’s feeding them the right food, bringing them to the vet, or knowing their unique needs, there are different ways to protect them.

If your pets like to play in the yard, containment solutions like dog fences might be needed.

What Are Dog Fences?  

Dog fences are essentially what they sound like.

They’re barriers meant to keep your canines in one place.

As you can imagine, getting chained or tied outside isn’t much fun.

A fence allows them to have some freedom to play and move around while outdoors. 

Why Avoid Tethering?

Tethering your dog could be a practical solution, depending on the situation.

However, chaining them up could make them aggressive, and it could also make dogs more vulnerable to abuse from other people.

For example, some passersby could throw stones at your dog.  

Moreover, tying your dog could lead to accidents like choking or hanging themselves.

Therefore, it might be better to look into other options to keep your dog safe.

Dog looking over wooden fence

Benefits Of Dog Fences

In comparison to tethering, dog fences are a safer choice. There are also other advantages such as:

  • It provides more freedom 
  • It helps them get exercise 
  • It’s more convenient than taking them to the park 

Canines need time outdoors, but there are all kinds of dangers to look out for.

They could run into traffic, get attacked by wild animals, or stray away.

And as owners, it’d be stressful to constantly be worrying about your pets whenever you’re spending time outdoors.

A dog fence can ease your nerves as it allows your pet to have fun safely. 

Dog running inside a wire fence enclosure

Popular Kinds Of Dog Fences

Because dogs and owners have different needs, all kinds of dog fences have been made.

Each one has its advantages and disadvantages as well as varying price points. Here are some types and more details about them:

  • Wooden fence 

When you imagine a fence, it’s probably a wooden one since it’s one of the common materials used.

It could be an incredibly sturdy barrier that could last for years if built properly with quality materials.

It could also be made to look more aesthetic, which adds to your home’s overall charm.

And besides your dog’s safety, it also keeps you and your home safe from people walking into your yard.

However, building a wooden fence takes more time and money to make.

And if you have a dog that loves to dig, they might be able to dig up some parts of the fence.  

  • Indoor fence 

As mentioned, different homes have all kinds of needs.

Sometimes, each house will have limitations for pets due to a variety of reasons.

For example, some dogs might not be allowed in various rooms or areas in the home.

This is why indoor fences would be a practical way to keep dogs from going to particular parts of your home.

  • Wire fence 

This kind of fencing is an affordable choice, and they’re often used on farms.

They’re installed by fastening them on posts, but they could rust over time.

If you don’t mind maintaining them and redoing the wire fence when it starts to wear down, it’s still a great choice.

However, it might also depend on where you live as some communities don’t allow this type of fencing.  

  • Portable fence 

A portable fence is popular because you can take it with you and you can set it up quickly.

If you enjoy going to the park with your dog, a portable fence can give them some space to run around safely.

And for those who love to take their pups traveling, bringing a portable fence is an excellent way for them to see and experience new places.  

Portable fences are usually foldable and could come in different sizes and shapes.

It’d be a good idea to look into the features before investing in them.

Small dog looking through slats in a wooden fence


While dogs have animal instincts to help them keep safe, owners still have the responsibility to keep their pets protected in other ways.

Spending outdoors is a great way for pups to exercise, have fun, and socialize, but there are all kinds of dangers outside.

Having a proper fence might be a practical solution to keep them from getting into trouble or getting hurt. 

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