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A Guide For Dogs To Create Their Own Blog

Our beloved humans tend to dominate the blogosphere. They write about everything and anything from beauty to business, decorating, cooking, to even talking about us dogs! Within any field of creativity, diversity is essential, which is why this post has been formed to encourage more dogs (with the help of their owners) to begin creating more dog-focused blogs. In doing so, we can better show the world how to take care of us and indicate that dogs have stories, advice to share, and feelings too! 

A Guide For Dogs To Create Their Own Blog

It’s an online blog, which means you need to sort out your internet. It’s important. You don’t want delayed uploads, and would want your fans to stay updated in real time too. Therefore, an ISP such as Spectrum will be the right call for you. You will be able to run your blog smoothly and stay farthest from any lagging issues.

So, here’s what you have to do to create a successful blog.

Choose A Theme

First of all, you need to brainstorm the theme of your blog and the topics you would like to write about. For instance, you might want to design a blog to showcase doggy treat recipes, maybe a gallery blog to display all of your pet pals or a site to show the most adventurous walks, pet friendly summer activities and dog-friendly places to visit – like a doggy travel blog. However, if you’re not too sure what theme is right for you, you could choose what’s coined by people as a ‘lifestyle’ blog. This way, there are no limits to what posts you can write about, and it allows you to find your bark as a writer too.

Practice Writing Posts 

Before you choose a domain and set up a site, why not put some of your theme ideas into practice by writing a few posts. This way you can find what you’re really interested in. Each writer has their own way of portraying a subject, so write freely and without restriction, until you get a whiff of how you best enjoy writing. 

Unique Images

Sometimes adding pictures to the top of your page can help sweep away the fear of the blank page before you begin writing. Maybe you could ask some of your fellow pet dogs for some pictures you could feature on your new blog. Be careful, though! Some pets love the limelight, and so expect large files of doggy excursions and funny moments to roll in thick and fast. If you’re confused about how to open RAR files on mac, see if your owner can help you prize them open. In comparison to stock images, original images will add an authentic touch to your page, which is particularly great for retaining readers on your new blog too. 

Choose A Domain

After you’ve taken the time to explore a few topics that you like the sound of, it’s time to hunt for your domain name. You can use sites such as to find the name that will fit your blog. For a top tip, choose something memorable, not too long and something that relates to you/what you’ll be writing about. For example ‘doggy days out’ for advice on entertainment or ‘doggy groomers reviews’ to grade and help other pooches source the best cut and shampoo in town. 

Now it’s merely a case of setting up your website.  With so many great platforms out there to choose from, choose the site that works best for you and your skills. Take a look at WordPress, Wix and Blogger for ideas. If any point you get stuck, ask a family member for help! 

Debbie P

Monday 30th of November 2020

This post made me smile. Thanks.

Debbie P

Monday 30th of November 2020

I really enjoyed this post. It made me smile. Thanks.

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