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Fun Summer Activities for Dogs to Beat the Heat #SpotShot


I’m not sure about where y’all live but here in my neck of the woods, it is so hot you feel like you are bakin’ alive! I can’t even breathe outdoors much less think about doin’ anything, especially runnin’! The only runnin’ you will find me doin’ is on my way back inside where the AC is ginnin’ WOOF! A couple of my brothers and sisters love to play in the water but other than that, we will stick with fun inside summer activities for dogs WOOF!

Fun Summer Activities for Dogs to Beat the Heat #petsafety #SpotShot

If you are in the same boat as me and tryin’ to stay cool, lemme fetch my Lady to tell you about some fun summer activities for dogs to help you beat the summer heat!

Here’s my Lady to tell ya some fun Summer activities for dogs!

Here in the South, the heat and humidity are BRUTAL!

With triple-digit temps and high humidity, the heat index is enough to deter even the bravest from opening the door.

The dogs grudgingly go outside for their business but that’s about it unless it involves a big pool of water! I can’t say that I blame them!

So, beyond a few outside activities involving shade or cool water, we concentrate on indoor activities to keep them stimulated and happy.

Let’s take a look at a few fun activities perfect for beating the heat this summer!

Beat the Heat with these Fun Summer Activities for Dogs

Fun Summer Activities for Dogs - swimming in the pool with their favorite human

Swimming with the Kids

Dogs and kids alike love to splash and play in the pool! Be sure and provide them a floating mat and some fun floating toys.

Not only will they have fun, but it is also great exercise and a way to burn off energy!

Fun Summer Activities for Dogs - playing in their very own kiddie poolFun Summer Activities for Dogs - playing in their very own kiddie pool

Their very own Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pools are also fun for the pups.

Whether they like to just wade and splash around or completely take the plunge in the cool water, it is a great way to keep them cool on a hot day!

Summer Activities for dogs - dog playing in sprinkler

Sprinkler Play

Many dogs love to play in a sprinkler. On a hot day, the cool water raining down is a welcome respite from the scorching heat.

DIY Frozen Treat/Toy Blocks

Use an empty milk jug for a fun DIY frozen activity. Fill with chicken broth (unsalted please) along with some of their kibble or favorite treats.

You can even freeze a favorite toy inside. Then, place in the shade and let the dogs stay cool while licking their way to the middle.


Dog TV

Even if your pup is a couch potato, get them a TV channel all their own!

Dog TV is a fun channel, created especially for our canine friends.

It has sights and sounds that hold their interest and enriches their lives.

It can also help in reducing anxiety and stress. Instead of mindlessly looking at walls, they will enjoy the fun programs!

Fun Summer Activities for Dogs - snuffle matFun Summer Activities for Dogs - snuffle mat

Snuffle Mats

Snuffle mats are another fun activity they can enjoy in the shade, on the deck with a fan, or indoors.

You can find them in pet stores, online, or even make your own.

Simply sprinkle a few favorite treats in the mat and let your dog “nose” them out.

Bust Boredom with Mentally Stimulating Puzzle Feeders and Toys

When dogs are stuck inside for long periods of time, they have a tendency to just lay around and nap.

This is alright for a little while and short periods of time, but dogs NEED mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

Of course, they can’t full out run and play inside but there are ways to keep them busy, mentally stimulated, and exercising!

Fun Summer Activities for Dogs - puzzle feeders

Puzzle Feeders

Puzzle feeders like this fun bowl allow them to have fun and eat too.

They quickly learn they need to rock the bowl to get the kibble out.

From popping it with their paw to chasing the kibble that comes out, it is a great way for them to get their nutrition and have fun too.

It’s a lot more fun for them than laying with their head in their bowl mindlessly munching away.

Homemade Pumpkin and Banana Kong Filler

Frozen Kong Treats

One of our pups’ favorite summer activities is this Homemade Pumpkin and Banana Kong.

It is easy to whip up the ingredients, stuff the Kong, and then freeze for a tasty treat they will have to work for.

It provides entertainment, activity, and a tasty treat they will thoroughly enjoy!

Frozen Strawberry Banana Dog Treats

Homemade Frozen Treats to Cool Them Down

Even going outdoors for short periods can have them hot and panting. Cool them down with a tasty cold treat!

Frozen treats like these Strawberry Banana dog treats are easy to make at home and are nutritious as well as refreshing,

Homemade Frozen Apple and Blueberry Dog Treats

Another favorite frozen treat your dog may like is these Homemade Frozen Apple and Blueberry dog treats.

These tasty treats feature homemade unsalted chicken broth and blueberries. Dogs go crazy for them!

Fun Summer Activities for Dogs to Beat the Heat #SpotShot

More Time Indoors = More Messes, Accidents, and Carpet Stains

Pet owners have messes, accidents, and stains year-round. However, the more time our pups spend inside the more messes and stains we have.

Beyond the mud and dirt tracked in from the swimming pool, there is always someone upchucking or having a potty accident.

Then, there are the treats that get dragged to the carpet.

Why they won’t keep them on the hardwood or tile floors I will never know… sigh.

To keep up with the mounting carpet stains, I use both Spot Shot Pet Instant Carpet Stain & Odor Eliminator AND Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover.

Spot Shot is super easy to use and works on both new AND old stains.

When used as directed, Spot Shot Pet is safe to use around children, pets, and the environment.

All you have to is spray it on the stain, wait a few minutes, and blot it up with a clean dry cloth. NO SCRUBBING REQUIRED!

It’s powerful cleaning agents do all the work for you! It also has dual-odor eliminators to absorb and neutralize odors. 

Plus, it has anti-resoiling agents that protect your carpet and keep stains from returning.

If you are tired of fighting those ugly carpet stains, Spot Shot will become your helping hand!

So, the next time you are out and about doing the weekly shopping, be sure and stock up on Spot Shot Pet!

It will help you make quick work of all those pesky pet stains such as vomit, urine, treat stains, and/or ground in mud.

You can find Spot Shot online and in stores like your local Walmart

With the summer heat bearing down, be sure and keep your pups cool and safe!

And, if you would love to learn more stain-fighting tips, be sure and join the Stain Fighting Community on Facebook!

Kim BookJunkie

Sunday 15th of September 2019

My dog has seemed bored lately, so this article is PERFECT!!!! Thanks!

Huguette E.

Thursday 12th of September 2019

Great tips, my dog likes to lay under the deck during the summer.

Christina Gould

Sunday 8th of September 2019

I'll have to look for those snuffle mats. I've never seen them before. Thanks for sharing!

Teresa D Kunberger

Sunday 11th of August 2019

These are some fun activities! I'll definitely be doing them!


Friday 9th of August 2019

All of these are great ideas!! :)

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