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The Best Nutritious Cat Food for a Girl’s Best Friend #MyGreatCat

I know a lot of my dog friends will disagree that kitties can be best friends, but y’all know me! I have cat friends, the same as dog friends. Take my cat friend Daisy for instance! She and her little human have grown up together and are truly best friends WOOF! Best friends that love you through thick and thin are hard to find. That’s why my Lady says you got to treat them right. Just like with us pups, you have to make sure you are serving up the best nutritious cat food, like Purina Pro Plan cat food, to keep your kitty cat happy and healthy.

beautiful cat

Daisy and her human girl are always playing.

I swear that cat friend has more adventures than we do WOOF!

I’ll let my Lady show you what I’m talking about and tell you about the cat food that keeps Daisy healthy!

Here’s my Lady to share some of Bella and Daisy’s meowsome fun!

I believe in love at first sight! It was definitely love at first sight between a tiny kitten and a little girl!

From the time they met, it was total devotion, adventure, and fun!

Their friendship blossomed into a beautiful bonded love!

kitten on a log bed

Daisy was a tiny and gorgeous kitten!

She had big blue eyes, beautiful coloring, and was the sweetest little thing!

little girl and kitten

Bella fell in love instantly!

From the start, they were inseparable.

Everywhere Bella went, so did Daisy!

little girl playing with kitten

Bella and Daisy cuddled and played.

They shared lots of secrets.

The sweet little kitten loved all the activity and quickly became Bella’s playmate and partner in all her adventures!

little girl playing with kitten

Whether hanging out in a pocket or riding in a basket, Daisy was up for it.

She went willingly wherever Bella wanted to take her.

They loved playing in boxes. Now, who taught who that trick?

Perhaps Daisy shared the fun of boxes with Bella!

beautiful little kitten in a dress pocket

How can you resist that face?! Seriously!

You have to admit she was one darling kitten!

kitten on a wicker suitcase

From a seriously cute kitten, Daisy grew into an even more gorgeous cat – if that’s possible!

little girl playing and decorating her cat

A few years have gone by and both the kitten and the girl have grown.

Over the years, they have shared many good times and the bond has only deepened.

During the years, and in order to keep Daisy at her healthiest, good nutritious cat food is THE bottom line!

So, what food keeps Daisy healthy, full of energy, and up to all her best friend’s adventures?

Purina Pro Plan: A Healthy Nutritious Cat Food!

Daisy eats both dry and wet Purina Pro Plan cat food. All the formulas are high in protein and feature real meat, poultry, or fish.

Her favorite wet cat food is the Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Formula Chicken Entree, made with REAL CHICKEN!

Purina Pro Plan has the taste she loves and craves!

Purina Pro Plan Cat Food

I love that Purina Pro Plan wet cat food is specially formulated to help support her urinary tract system!

It is also formulated to help boost her immune and digestive systems.

In addition, it keeps her skin and coat healthy!

Purina Pro Plan Nutritious Cat Food

When it’s dinner time and the lid is popped,

Daisy comes running!

She loves the taste and wastes no time digging in!

Purina Pro Plan Nutritous Cat Food

While Daisy thinks it is lip-smacking good, I love that the Purina Pro Plan nutrition is backed by a team of over 400 scientists; including nutritionists, behaviorists, and veterinarians.

I can feel comfortable that I am giving her the best possible nutrition. I also love that it is manufactured in the U.S.!

Daisy is a Healthy, Happy, and Loving Cat!

cat watching baby draw

These days, Bella is happy to share Daisy with another little human!

It’s a good thing Daisy is fueled with good nutritious cat food!

It looks like she is going to need lots of energy to keep up with her new friend!

baby and cat both sticking out their tongues

The pair are already up to antics! Who is imitating who?

Daisy is one sweet cat with lots of love to spread around.

Keeping her happy, healthy, and full of energy is a priority!

There is no better way than with Purina Pro Plan wet cat food with its high protein and real meat formulas!

Purina Pro Plan Nutritious Cat Food

Only the best nutritious cat food will do for a girl’s best friend!

Want to give it a try for your best friend?

Antoinette M

Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

My cat might like this Purina Pro Plan wet food. Thanks for sharing your adorable photos!


Friday 17th of January 2020

What a cat! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Songer

Sunday 9th of December 2018

Good information for cat owners. I'll be trying this new food for my cats.


Friday 24th of August 2018

Sweet to have pets growing up together . Nice brand of food

Stacey A Smith

Thursday 25th of January 2018

I wish I could afford good cat food for the cat's but have 9 cat's and not a lot of money.

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