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Cat Behavior: Why does my cat do that?

Cat behavior can seem strange at times! Most people think that cats work on their own agenda, but they can also be the perfect pet.

They don’t pay much attention to their owner, as long as they are provided what they need like clean litter, food, and water.

When cats behave strangely, it can confuse their owners and make it really hard to figure out what the cat wants.

As much as cat behavior can be confusing, there are some ways that you can solve the mystery of common cat behavior.

Cat Behavior: Why does my cat do that?

Why do Cats Rub Against You and Objects?

A common behavior that almost all cats do is push their heads into any type of object that will allow them to do it.

If you’ve ever noticed, you’ve probably seen your cat do this before against table legs or other objects.

This can be noticed more when you have other people who own animals over at your house.

When a cat notices this, he will rub his head against the person.

In doing so, he will put a touch of saliva on the individual.

In a cat’s mind, he owns what he puts his saliva on.

By putting his saliva on something or brushing up against them, that object or person will have a familiar scent.

Although this can be very annoying, you have to understand that other people in your home are seen as odd or weird by your cat.

When a cat does this, he is simply trying to make the visitor belong.

Cat rubbing face on book shelf

Salvia is a Common Form of Pet Allergies

Even though marking someone, or something, with saliva is beneficial to the cat, saliva is one of the most common forms of pet allergies.

When someone wipes the saliva off of them, the scent will be gone and the cat will go back and attempt to do it again.

Even though it may appear that cats target those with allergies, cats are actually just trying to make the visitor belong in their house.

If your guest simply cannot take the saliva, allow the cat to rub himself on their pants leg a few times.

Usually, this is all takes for a cat to leave the person alone.

And, wouldn’t you know – it seems like they zone in on the allergic people! What’s up with that?

Gray cat looking out window

Why do Cats Make Weird Noises When Lying Near Windows?

If you have an inside cat, you probably noticed him spending quite a bit of time lying near windows.

During this time, you may hear your cat make weird noises or movements.

It’s weird, but it’s normal.

He is simply acting out his hunting instincts.

Whether it’s another cat or an object outside moving about, the cat will see it and simply go into hunting mode.

Orange cat playing with a piece of string

Cats Love to Play

As most already know, cats love to play. They love to play with toys and, truth be known, any little common household item they can bat around.

Sometimes, they will even pounce on things. This should be expected.

If you try to prevent this type of behavior, your cat may not take kindly to it and you’ll end up with a lot of broken things in your home.

A favorite game most cats like is to play with string.

All cats love string and can occupy themselves playing with it for quite a while!

Understanding Your Cat’s Weird Behavior

The longer you own your cat, the more weird behavior you’ll see from them.

Cats can behave in some weird ways, but they always have a reason for behaving the way they do.

If you can understand why your cat behaves as he does, you’ll have no problems keeping him healthy and happy.

If you simply pay attention to your cat and the way he behaves at times you’ll be able to understand him better than ever before.

Melanie B

Monday 29th of January 2024

Interesting article; my cat does these things but I don't think of it as weird behavior, they're just being their own unique selves.


Saturday 4th of November 2023

Need to disturb my 3 so we can all have dinner


Monday 11th of September 2023

Sometimes there's no explanation (ROFL) - like when Clarabelle struts through the house caterwauling with her plastic strip that I rip off the bag of newspaper litters

Maria Egan

Friday 24th of February 2023

My cats do their funny noises when they watch birds outside. It is fun to watch them.


Friday 23rd of December 2022

And cats are individuals - as 2 of mine are reminding me right now. Unsure if their "play" behavior with each other is that because there's some evil eye action going on too!

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