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Causes of Rashes In Dogs

There are basically two types of causes of rashes in dogs and these are bacterial or fungus infections. These include allergies which can include anything in his environment to a mite infestation that can cause major problems on their own.

Causes of Rashes In Dogs

While rashes are not a welcomed sight for most owners and certainly not comfortable for your dog most rashes are very treatable once they are diagnosed.

In some cases, rashes on your dog can be hard to diagnose even for a skin specialist.

Red pimply rash on dog


If your dog is on any type of medication it can be the reason for the rash.

He may be allergic to these medications or the disease that he is taking the medication for can be the cause. This is why it is so difficult for veterinarians to diagnose exactly what is causing the rash in your dog.

For example, thyroid disease can cause a rash on its own but then again so can the medication he is taking for this problem.

Rash and hair loss on black dog


Dogs like humans can be allergic to anything in their environment.

Rashes can be caused by something as simple as the shampoo you’re bathing him with.

Dogs can be allergic to mold and mildew, plants, chemicals, and even the type of flooring they walk on.

This poses a problem for you, the owner, of trying to find out just what your dog is allergic to.

Your dog may even be allergic to the food you feed him.

This could probably be the easiest to narrow down. Withdraw the type of food you’re feeding him and starting over to see what ingredient is actually causing the allergy.

Dog scratching fleas


Parasites can also cause rashes. These types of rashes can put your dog through some untold discomfort.

Parasites can live internally or externally and can cause some serious problems.

Even a flea bite can cause a reaction in your dog and show itself in some type of rash. Perhaps parasites are the easiest type of rashes to diagnose.

Parasites can cause big problems if left untreated but once a diagnosis is made, all you have to do is get rid of the source which is the parasite and your dog’s problems will be over.

Mites are the most common source of parasitic rashes. Once they invade your dog’s body, they can cause havoc, but they are also treatable with excellent outcomes.

Veterinarian inspecting dog with skin itchy, irritation with dry skin, yeast, and fungal infection

Rashes in dogs are certainly no fun for him. He trusts you to care for him and it is you that has to play detective and find out the source of his misery.

Causes of rashes in dogs can be sometimes elusive but it imperative that the reason is found to bring comfort to your dog’s life.

Sarah L

Friday 11th of December 2020

Good info to know. I didn't know about the different kinds of rashes.

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