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Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

YIPPIE!!! I heard the weatherman sayin’ somethin’ ’bout snow! It sounds like fun to me! Bring it on!!! But, we do need to talk about some cold weather safety tips for pets!

Along with the fun in the snow comes the cold. I don’t like to be cold.

I don’t have a whole bunch of fur like them sisters and brother of mine, so I get cold a lot easier than them and start shiverin’ and a shackin’.

Needless to say, the cold can hold a lot of dangers for furbabies! WOOF! Lemme fetch my Lady to tell you more!

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Freezing Temps and Frostbite

Don’t leave your pets outside when there are freezing temperatures! Always, bring them inside with you! 

Of course, you can still take them out for a little bit of exercise and to do their business, just don’t stay too long!

Did you know they can get frostbite? Well, they can!

Pets can get frostbite on the tip of their ears, their paws and the tip of their tail which require a vet visit.

Australian Shephered holding an orange ball in the snow

Pets Burn More Calories in Cold Temps

If your pet lives outside, which I know some do, you need to make sure they have a nice warm bed including pillows, blankets and the whole 9 yards in their dog house 🙂

If your furbaby lives outside, they will need more food in the cold weather too.

They burn more calories in the winter regulating their temperature.

Brown and black dog licking at the snow on his face

Salt and Chemicals Used for Melting Ice

During cold weather, there are other things you need to watch out for too.

There are some things humans use in the wintertime like salt and chemicals that can irritate the paws of your pet.

Wiping their paws off when they come back inside will help in keeping their paws healthy.

Antifreeze Dangers

Another biggie to look out for is antifreeze. It is REALLY poisonous to your pet!

They like it because it is sweet tasting, but if they lick it up, you better get them on to the vet as you have a real emergency on your hands!!

Cat with green eyes sitting on a ledge in the snow

Give Your Car a Slap to Save a Life

Another important tip is for our cat friends!

Sometimes cats like to climb up in the car by the warm engine when it’s cold outside.

So, be sure and give your car a little slap or knock and maybe honk your horn before you start it. Otherwise, they can be seriously hurt by the fan belts when you start the car!

Just follow these cold weather safety tips for pets and everything should all be good.


Thursday 27th of September 2018

Not sure if it'll be a cold one this winter, but best be prepared #preppin


Thursday 15th of October 2015

These tips are so important with the winter season coming up, thanks for sharing these!

Susan Highland

Tuesday 2nd of September 2014

This is very good advice!

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