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DIY Fancy Dog Biscuit Canister

Do you want your pooch to feel special this holiday season? Then why not gift him his favorite treats in this fancy dog biscuit canister?

You can make your own with a little paint and supplies from your local dollar store.

Then, simply fill it with your pup’s favorite biscuits.

Take a peek below so you can see how to get started.

These DIY dog biscuit canisters also make great gifts for friends and relative’s pooches!


DIY Fancy Dog Biscuit Canister

Supplies needed:


Glass canister with lid
Hot glue, glue gun
Choice spray paint (A metallic finish like we used really makes this piece pop!)
Dog biscuits

We found everything we needed (except for the spray paint) at our local dollar store. Yours should have everything you need to make this fancy dog biscuit canister for less.



1. Begin by adding two generous dabs of glue to the underneath of your dog biscuit. Press it to the lid of the canister. Hold it in place until it is dry and secure.

2. Place the lid on a piece of newspaper so you can prepare to spray paint it. Apply two coats, making sure you coat all angles. Allow the coats to dry in between sprays.

3. Once the lid is dry, you can return it to the canister. Not before you fill it up with tasty treats of course!

Your fancy dog biscuit canister is now ready for gifting or using yourself.

The metallic paint makes it look so fancy and special, which is just what you need for the holidays.

You can, however, use any color you wish.

I’m thinking of making a red one to match my kitchen!

Gather your supplies and give this fancy dog biscuit canister a try!

Dorothy Boucher

Monday 30th of November 2020

What a great idea this is, I love the idea its super easy and won't take me long to put a few of these together. @tisonlyme143


Tuesday 30th of May 2017

What a neat idea! I love the simplicity of it-- it doesn't need any ruffles or frilly bows. :) Just as a personal preference, I wouldn't use spray paint. I tried using spray paint (in gold, on a larger surface area) just once, and once was definitely enough for me! :p Thanks for the clever idea. Love it!


Wednesday 22nd of March 2017

This is really cute, and it sure adds pizzaz and lasting thoughts for giving treats as a gift - and a good reason to make refills on a regular basis!

Rachel Beltz

Friday 19th of August 2016

What a cute way to decorate! I think I have to make one when I get the supplies!

veronica lee

Sunday 23rd of August 2015


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