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Dog Bath How-Tos and Not-Tos!


For all you human folk readin’ this, just so ya know, us furbabies like to feel clean and smell good too! Now, that’s not sayin’ that all of us really like the actual dog bath process! But, givin’ us a bath helps our coats look all shiny by gettin’ rid of all that dirt and stuff that gets on us. And, we feel GOOD!!! That’s why we run all over the place grinnin’ when we’re done 🙂

But here’s some important stuff ya need to know ’bout bathin’ us:

How often to bath a dog:

Unless we are covered in dirt and mud, or stankin’ to high heaven, we only need a bath ’bout every three to six weeks. It kinda depends on what kind of furbaby ya got and ya gotta just figure that one out fer yourselves. But, just sayin’ – if we get a bath to often it could irritate our skin and make us itch 🙁 The importance of not bathing us doggies too frequently is paramount, and also a point reiterated by vet Dr. Joanna Woodnutt in an article she wrote for Daydreamdog.

What shampoo is best to bathe a dog:

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS USE A SHAMPOO MADE FOR DOGS!!!! Your human folk shampoo just won’t work for us, so don’t get that idea unless you want us itchin’ and scratchin’! Most of us furbabies just need a mild shampoo. There are some shampoos made for sensitive skin and other special shampoos ya can get from pet stores and them vet folks if ya need ’em though.

My sisters and I don’t need the conditioners, but if ya got a furbaby with really long fur, the conditoners can help it not matt up and make it a whole lot easier to brush out. I’m sure they’d appreciate it! I mean really folks, think of your own hair bein’ all matted and tryin’ to brush it out! Ya get the picture!!!


Inside Bathtubs:

Ya know there are some of us furbabies that love a good bubble dog bath. Now that’s what I call chillin’ and relaxin’! If ya gonna bathe us in the bathtub, the best way to go about it is use warm water for starters.

Then, place your furbaby in the bathtub and get ’em wet. Lather the fur all over with shampoo (avoiding the eyes), then rinse thoroughly to prevent skin irritation from the soap. The easiest way to this is with a hand-held shower head or ya can use a large cup that ya can fill with clean water. Make sure you rinse out all of the shampoo from the coat, because any leftover shampoo can irritate the skin.


Outside bathtubs for a dog bath:

WooHoo! Hey lookie here! An outside bathtub! I could get into this kind a bath too!!! I ain’t never seen no outside bathtub, but a little swimmin’ pool would work just fine too! Most of the time durin’ the hot summer, we like a bath just straight from the water hose. Just soak us down, scrub us up with lather and then rinse! Hey, we’re country girls and ain’t picky ’bout how we get a bath 🙂


What to do if your furbaby don’t want a bath:

Oh boy 🙁 Maybe ya got a stubborn furbaby that don’t like baths?! Ok, here’s what ya need to do. I guess if they are small enough ya could just pick ’em up and put ’em in there. But if ya got a big furbaby ya might could try coaxing ’em in with some treats. Hey, I wouldn’t mind a piece of bologna or somethin’ – kinda like an appetizer before my bath. Hint! Hint! But, in the end, it might come down to you havin’ to pick up your big furbaby up and put ’em in there anyway. One little hint, no it’s a BIG HINT, that might help ya out – I know my sisters DO NOT LIKE standin’ water. So if there is already water in there, ain’t no way either of them big girls goin’ in! I guess they are shower girls, he he!!! No bubble, soakin’ time for them!

Just a word of warnin’ on them big dogs! If ya got one that might be aggressive, BE CAREFUL PLEASE. They might get scared and do somethin’ they normally wouldn’t do. Use your judgment with your furbaby. My sister Sallie, the Rottweiler, is kinda like that. My lady can do what she wants to, but not many can do that with her. She has been dealin’ with Sallie’s dog baths for almost 8 years now, so I guess she knows how to handle her. And, like I said, if Sallie sees water in that there tub, she starts tellin’ ya ’bout it for sure! I guess she’s gettin’ old and set in her ways.

One other thing ya might could try if ya in the mood for it, is to crawl on in with ’em! Roll up them britches legs or put on one of them swimin’ suits as you human folk call ’em and just join ’em! Them furbabies’ll think it is a new kind of play time 🙂

Be Prepared!

If you gonna give your furbaby a dog bath in the bathtub, have towels ready – just sayin’! We get outta that water and we like to SHAKE IT, SHAKE IT, SHAKE IT! So, ya better grab us fast and towel us down if ya don’t want the whole place showered in water! Yea boy, WE FEEL GOOD! We will run, shake, run, shake, carry on, and act silly for a while 🙂 Hey, wouldn’t you if you hadn’t had a bath in a month or so? Just sayin’!



Tuesday 14th of November 2017

This is really good information. And the pictures are just so cute!

Linda Manns Linneman

Tuesday 5th of September 2017

This is full of great suggestions of what we need to do with our fur babies. I love some of these pics. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. God Bless

shannon fowler

Monday 24th of April 2017

Our two hate their baths. We've had the most luck at shops set up for people to wash their dogs. Typically they have a great way to secure them within the tub, and they always have different shampoos for us to try.

Holly Thomas

Saturday 20th of August 2016

These are some really great tips!

Brenda Saball

Tuesday 9th of August 2016

My lab does NOT like baths at all. This was a cute article.

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