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Getting Kittens During the Adopting Crisis? 4 Steps to Prepare Your Home

Giving kittens a new home is one of the best things that you can do to help the animal population and reduce the number of cats that are euthanized. Before bringing any new kittens home, it’s advisable to prepare your living space the right ways so that you and your kittens will remain comfortable. Here are a few smart ways to prepare your home for new kittens.

Getting Kittens During the Adopting Crisis? 4 Steps to Prepare Your Home

Get the Essentials

Certain items should be purchased in advance so that your kittens can start to adjust to their new surroundings the moment they arrive. Food and water bowls along with a scratch post and litter box are some of the most important items to have. It’s best to place the litter box in an isolated space to limit foul odors and messes in your living area. Your kittens will also surely love playing with cat toys. Cat bedding, while not always necessary, can make your kittens feel more comfortable and sleep better.

Keep Hazards Out of Reach

Kittens love to climb and jump on things while exploring their surroundings, and any hazardous objects that are within their reach could spell disaster. Breakable desktop and tabletop items should be kept in out-of-reach areas until your kittens are housetrained. Loose wires that kittens may chew on can also be problematic, and taping wires to baseboards along the walls or underneath desks and chairs can prevent electrical mishaps.

Clean Carpets Thoroughly

Dirt, dust and allergens can also be hazardous for cat health. Adverse skin reactions along with respiratory and digestive problems could affect your kittens if these harmful agents remain trapped within your carpet fibers. Dirty carpets may also attract more fleas that could wreak havoc on your kittens’ wellbeing. By having your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service, you’ll ensure better conditions for your new feline friends.

Protect Furniture

It would be nice to invest in high-quality modern cat furniture to complete your pet’s play and sleep area. But of course, make sure to protect your home’s furniture from damage when your cat starts to scratch things around the house. Cat scratching posts are available for sale online, and these can help train cats to only scratch the item exclusively and avoid damaging other furniture.

You and your new kittens will be able to live together harmoniously if you take the time to get everything in order before bringing them home. Making your living space as kitten-friendly as possible can make things easier on everyone.

Anita C

Saturday 11th of September 2021

My kitty was found abandoned in my job's parking lot on a cold rainy November day. I wasn't prepared in bringing him home but that's ok. I knew I wanted him and I would love him. I quickly adapted and purchased everything needed. He was loved by my family the moment they laid eyes on him


Wednesday 1st of April 2020

Good to know, it's getting worse here, the overpopulation of stray cats are on the rise due to the epidemic

Susan Lowden

Thursday 6th of February 2020

So helpfl! I plan to adopt soon! Thanks so much for sharing!

Shannon Holmes

Thursday 6th of February 2020

Thanks for sharing these tips for preparing our homes for kittens.

Deb Pelletier

Monday 6th of January 2020

Some great ideas, thanks for the information.

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