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Happy Pup – 4 Ways to Make Your New Dog Feel Welcome

Introducing a new puppy to your humble abode is a crucial experience for him/her that will likely have long-term implications. Thus, it makes sense to plan and prepare for your pet’s transitioning phase. You will need to make sure they are not fearful, stressed, or sad in the process. Here are four ways you can make your new dog feel welcome.

Make Your New Dog Feel Welcome

Establish an Area for Your Pet

Especially as a pup, you’d want your pet to learn rules and boundaries as to where they can go, what they can do, and how they will act within the household.

Although it’s definitely important to make him/her feel welcome, they must also respect the sanctity of your home and possessions.

Purchase a play pen or crate from your local dog store and place it in a corner of the house.

Let them familiarize themselves with the area as a place where they will poop, pee, drink, eat, and rest.

Get Some Toys

Your new puppy will want some chew toys to munch on and play with while at home or when exploring outside.

Give them something fun to play with, such as a tennis ball they can chase after or a rope they can play tug of war with.

Make sure the toys are intended for their age as some toys may cause injury.

Pet Care

Pet care should be administered by a professional, lest you incur injuries to your pup.

Nail trimming and ear cleaning are vital to keeping your puppy free of sickness.

Keeping your new pup healthy with regular check-ups are another essential part of making your new friend happy.

Pet care professionals, like those at Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital, have access to the proper equipment to properly care for your canine friend.

If you intend to do things like nail trimming and ear cleaning yourself, make sure you have the experience and the tools to carry out the procedures safely, otherwise, don’t do it.

Show Your Affection

Depending on your puppy’s breed, you may need to show your dog extra affection to make it feel more welcome.

Breeds like Siberian Huskies especially love hugs and spending time playing with their owner.

Affection should be given at all times.

Make sure you show your new puppy plenty of admiration and love to make them feel extra welcome in their new home.

Puppies and other domesticated pets experience stress and discomfort when introduced to new environments.

The transition phase should be carefully planned and prepared for to avoid imprinting bad behaviors on your puppy.

The four tips above should give your puppy the welcome they deserve without affecting his or her growth and development.


Friday 20th of August 2021

I do think that a lot of times families say yes to the idea of a cute puppy, but don't realize everything that goes with it. This is a great list.

Sandy Weinstein

Friday 5th of August 2016

i have 3 little girls. i got Evie when she was abt 6 wks old, she was with me constantly. i hardly ever left her alone. my mom even babysat for her when i had to do errands. with Tressa i got her when she was abt 16 wks old and Harley went she was abt 8 wks old. i love having puppies although they can be a lot of trouble b/c of potty training and watching them constantly, but i like bonding with them early. Evie was much older abt 8 yrs so it was a big change for her and now that she is deaf, almost blind and cant really do much running or walking, it has been hard on her with the other girls running around her. i give her more attention. Harley has gone thru lots of toys even now at 6 she is very destructive with her toys. we go to the vet for checkup when needed but go 2/yr and Evie goes abt 1-2 times a month b/c of her age and health.

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