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Help Your Overweight Pets with Hill’s #PerfectWeight

It’s been a long winter here with lots of that cold white stuff! I’m still undecided whether I like it or not. It’s good for a bit, but it’s awful cold so we end up spendin’ our time nappin’ at my Lady’s feet. Well, after a winter of doin’ that, I think the whole pack of us is packin’ a few unwanted pounds! If better weather don’t come on, where I can do some runnin’, I’m a fearin’ for my girlish figure WOOF!

Molly checking out the snow

My Lady wants to talk to ya today about Pet Weight Loss

Overweight pets are a big problem in the United States. In fact, the percentage of overweight pets is staggering. Did you know that over half of all pets in the U.S. are overweight? That’s bad. Just like overweight people, overweight pets are prone to a host of other medical problems. Getting the excess weight off of your dog or cat is absolutely one of the best things you can do for their health.

Overweight Pets Aren’t Cute. They are Ticking Time Bombs!

You might think it’s cute that your pet is overweight. Your dog or cat waddles over to get another little bite – they love their food so much. The problem is that being overweight puts them at a much higher risk of some really nasty things. Check out this brief video on overweight pets!

It’s so important to realize the impact that extra pounds have on overweight pets. What is cute now, is a heavy burden for them later. Overweight pets are prone to a whole host of health problems. Did you know that only five extra pounds on a small dog is equivalent to over 30 extra pounds on a human?! We all know what that would feel like! So, it is important to address their weight issue before it becomes a serious problem!

Help Your Overweight Pets with Hill's #PerfectWeight

How do you get the Weight off and then Keep the Weight Off?

It really isn’t that difficult to get extra weight off of overweight pets or to keep pets at an ideal weight. All you need is a high-quality, low calorie food like Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight and a little self-discipline. The food part is easy. It’s the self-discipline that’s hard! Those begging eyes will get you in the feels every time!

Help Your Overweight Pets with Hill's #PerfectWeight - Perfect Weight Small Breed

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight is a great dog food for weight loss and it’s also available for cats! This food is highly nutritious, without being as calorie dense as regular dog food. That’s important, because you don’t want to loose the nutrients in your dog’s food, just the calories. For small and toy breeds, you can use Hill’s Science Diet Small and Toy Breed Formula.

This is an excellent food line to help with the problem of overweight pets. It’s from Hill’s Pet, so you know you can be trusted to be 100% healthy and effective. In fact, over 70% of pets have lost weight with Perfect Weight within 10 weeks. This food uses a blend of natural ingredients as well as prebiotic fibers for gentle digestion and 100% balanced nutrition. It’s also a highly recommended food, so it’s easy to find it at your local vet or at retailers like Pet360.

Okay. I’ve given you a great food to use for your overweight pets. Now what do you do with it? It’s easy!

  • Feed your pets at specific times: It’s important to keep you pets on a feeding schedule. If you feed them any old time, their little pet minds will learn that they eat whenever they feel like it.
  • Never give them table food: Never give you dog or cat breads, pastas, or table foods of any kind. You CAN feed them, carrots, green beans, and blueberries in their dog food to add a little variety.
  • Go easy on the treats: If you aren’t training your dog or cat, don’t give them treats. Most of the time, overweight pets got that way because of too many treats!
  • Feed them calorie reduced food: Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight food is a great choice for helping get the pounds off of overweight pets and keep those pounds off.

Don’t forget exercise!

Unlike humans, exercise is fun for pets. It doesn’t have to be fancy! They love to rip and roar across the yard, go for walks or jogs or play a game of fetch! Seriously, don’t you wish you had their enthusiasm for exercise?

Seager - Let's go walk Mom

If you remember, we had Seager on a dog weight loss program to lose his extra baggage not long ago. He is still working towards his goal, with only a few pounds left to go! Where before he laid around with no energy, he is up and moving and feeling so much better for leaving most of that pudge behind! He loves his walks and is always sitting on the ready for them!

Maggie (dog) enjoying running

Running is the highlight of Maggie’s day! She loves to run and it is a common sight to see her tearing around the yard at a high rate of speed. It’s actually a thing of beauty to watch her fluid movement when she is in a full out run! You can also bet if there is a squirrel around, she will be the one chasing it up into a tree!

Brandi and Ozzy (dogs) playing tug of war

While Seager loves his walks and Maggie loves to run, the pups are in their own little world playing tug and wrestle. Neither Brandi or Ozzy have ever had a weight problem. They are just healthy, happy and can I say overactive pups?! But, all that activity will serve them well also. At the same time, I want to make sure they stay at the optimum weight!

Diet and exercise is really all there is to getting the weight off your overweight pets and keeping it off. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight can help make it happen. We all want our pets to be the healthiest they can be. Losing that extra baggage will save you SO much grief down the line. And when it comes to overweight pets, the term grief could very well be literal!

Jen D.

Wednesday 31st of May 2017

The biggest issue for my 14 year old Bichon, Tillie, is that she doesn't really want to go for a good walk anymore. I will give this dog food a try - I like a good quality food for her. You're right about those begging eyes...they are very effective!

April Monty

Saturday 30th of July 2016

I think we all do the ooh look how is chubby he is,or look at that tummy lol as a concerned let parent these things are important .

April monty

Sunday 29th of May 2016

Yes even dogs get chubby we have a tendency to overfeed our pets food Luke this helps with that


Sunday 11th of October 2015

Thank you for sharing this review. They make great pet food.

veronica lee

Thursday 27th of August 2015

Pets are just like humans - it is so important to maintain a healthy weight.

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