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Honest Kitchen Smooches Dog Treats Review

We were excited to try out some treats from the other day called Smooches! My Lady was a goin’ on ’bout how good they were fer us, but we just wanted to give em a taste test! We’re always a sittin’ on the ready to try treats out! These sure were some purdy treats, all heart shaped and all. Here I was a thinkin’ my kisses were smooches…umm.

Honest Kitchen Smooches Dog Treats

As usual, I don’t know much about em, just that I like to try em out. So, I’m gonna let my Lady tell ya all ’bout em…

Here’s what my Lady says about the Honest Kitchen Smooches Dog Treats

I am always up for trying new and healthy treats for my furbabies. I love to spoil them and they LOVE being spoiled. While they may not care what their treats are made of, I do! I want to know what I am giving them is healthy and good for them. Honest Kitchen Smooches Dog Treats fits the bill! Oh, and did I mention they are heart shaped and oh so cute?!

Honest Kitchen Smooches Dog Treats

The Honest Kitchen Smooches Dog Treats are made with all human-grade ingredients and an extra helping of love. They are made with 100% human grade barley flour, USDA chicken, molasses, filtered water, eggs, organic virgin coconut oil, cranberries and aged parmesan cheese. They have no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors whatsoever! Each treat is shaped like a little heart! Feed one and you’ll have a best friend for life!

Key Benefits

  • Gourmet healthy dog treats
  • Wheat-free formula
  • Popular with even the fussiest hounds
  • Each treat contains only 2.3 calories!
  • Made in a human food facility with 100% human-grade ingredients in the USA!

Honest Kitchen Smooches Dog Treats

I was a little worried about whether they would like the cranberries in the Honest Kitchen Smooches Dog Treats! My furkids usually don’t go for biscuit type treats either. There are a few of them that won’t eat a dog biscuit at all. But, none of them turned these down. Goodness, Brandy was even drooling waiting on another one!

I would say they were a huge hit! I love them because they are healthy, with no preservatives. The bag also had an ample supply, making it a good value! All the furkids loved them and begged for more! I think I see more Honest Kitchen Smooches Dog Treats in our future!

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Dana Rodriguez

Tuesday 16th of June 2020

I have never heard of these. I bet they are a big hit with the pups!


Wednesday 12th of February 2020

Never heard about these, neat review, would share with my fellow dog lover friends.

Melissa Porter

Tuesday 30th of May 2017

I'm looking forward to ordering these for my fur sons

dog treats online

Wednesday 25th of January 2017

Smooches! I don’t know much about em, just that I like to try em out. It's very useful for my dog . I really grateful for such amazing blog. Thank you for this post. Please keep sharing..

Brandi Dawn

Thursday 12th of January 2017

These treats look yummy. I love that they are wheat free!

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