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How to Choose an Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic

Most pet owners already have animal hospitals or particular veterinary doctors that they take their beloved pets to for health checkups or to have any health issues resolved. The same is applicable to those who may own any kind of farm animals.

There are however situations where a person may be forced to begin to search for a veterinary clinic for their pet. An example is a person who has just moved to a new area or someone who only recently became a pet owner. In either case, it will be necessary for such an individual to find the right vet for their beloved pet to ensure its continued good health.

How to Choose a Vet in Abbotsford

What You Need to Know About Abbotsford?

If you already reside in the Abbotsford area and have just recently become a pet owner which is why you are in search of a veterinary doctor for your pet, you do need to be told about Abbotsford. You can jump to the next section.

If however, you have just moved to the region, let’s give a little background information about the city.

With a population of about 141,397 (based on the census of 2016), Abbotsford is Fraser Valley Regional District’s largest municipality. It is an interesting place to live in with a wide diversity of inhabitants. You shouldn’t be surprised to find a sizable number of residents speaking other languages aside from English.

In fact, almost 20% of its residents speak Punjabi so it is a very welcoming city. You will also find some really interesting activities to enjoy.

But let’s get back to why you are here. If you want some more information on Abbotsford you can read this article here.

How to Choose a Vet in Abbotsford

To ensure you find the right veterinary doctor for your pet, there are a few steps you can follow to achieve this. We will look at a couple of them here.

Ask For Referrals

The very first thing you can do is ask anyone you know for a referral. If any of your friends or family members know a vet who they can vouch for, it will cut your search short.

Even if you are just moving in from another city, you can ask the vet in the city you are leaving if s/he can recommend any colleague in your new location. It’s always possible that they may know someone there who they can recommend to you.

Search Online

If perchance you could not find anyone to recommend a suitable vet to you, you can go online and search for one. You can simply search for a vet in Abbotsford and you will be sure to find some suggestions you can follow up.

Read Reviews

Following any of the two steps above, you can take another step before trying to carry out a physical assessment. Try to check for reviews from others who may have used the animal hospital you are considering checking out.

The reviews you receive from these other users (current or past) will give you an idea of what to expect from the hospital. Though there may be some outright malicious reviews or blatantly commercial ones, looking through everything will give you a base idea upon which you can make a decision.

Visit the Facility

Once you have decided on which hospitals are likely possibilities (even the ones that were recommended to you by friends, family or your former vet), you should endeavor to visit their facilities to check them out for yourself.

There are a lot of things that can indicate professionalism or carelessness. Once you visit the place and feel out their operations, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision.

Services Rendered

One last thing you can check for while at the facility is what services they offer. It will be more convenient to have a facility that can offer your pet all the care it requires. You do not want to have to begin to look for another facility because the one you chose does not offer the type of care your pet requires at that time.


The veterinary clinic you choose for your pet is as important to the pet as it is for you. When you have confidence in the vet treating your pet your mind will be at rest. So do the smart thing, find a suitable vet for your pet and enjoy rest of mind.

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